33 weeks

I can't believe I'm at 33 weeks already...her due date is right around the corner it seems. I am so not prepared for her. I have absolutely nothing ready for her. She has very little clothes and no supplies. I have to get out the car seat and bouncer and sheets and stuff and start sanitizing and washing those. I need to make a list of things I need and start getting them. I've been so focused on birthdays and Christmas that all that kind of got put on the back shelf.

I had a minor scare two days ago...so yesterday I went to the doctor and he said everything is good and there is no concern. Whew! He did an ultra sound and her head is RIGHT there ready to go which would totally explain all the pressure. I'm tired of being pregnant and can't wait to meet her but I really would be ok with her staying in a bit longer.

I am ready for Christmas. Three more gifts to buy...which were already bought...but the store cancelled our order so I will be getting on that right away. Otherwise everything is purchased. I am celebrating Christmas tomorrow with Caleb since he will be with his dad for it. I think I have all his gifts ready to go but will double check before I go to bed. I have most everyone's gifts wrapped and just have a few more to do. I don't know if I've ever been so prepared for Christmas.

I STILL can't find my camera cord and it's driving me nuts! I keep wanting to go to Target to get one but for some reason it's hard to find time to go in. I have so many pictures to share, I will either have to have one long catch-up blog or a whole bunch of them in a row. But here are a couple to share with you. They're from adance at my niece's school. She looks like she's 16!!!!!!

30 weeks, 2 days

She's growing!

And here's me at 30 weeks pregnant with Hudson....

Wanna see what we did last week??

We, well no, Caleb had a bike crash. A pretty bad one. I got a call  about 1/2 hour before I got off work saying Caleb had crashed his bike and the firemen were checking him out while waiting on the ambulance. Needless to say I rushed out of work as quick as I could.

Not too sure what caused the crash but his head caught his fall and his stomach gave his handle bars somewhere to go. His bottom teeth went into his top lip, he's lucky he didn't break his nose. It's a little swollen in this picture but not too bad. He did have a killer fat lip though. He had a huge goose egg where he fell on his head and a really bad bruise on his stomach from his handle bars.

I took him to the ER just incase since he didn't have a helmet on (ya, super happy about that one--not!). They did a cat scan on his head and stomach which turned out fine. They also did an x-ray on his elbow and it looks like he fractured it. He has a follow up appt. on Tuesday and we should know more. But for now he gets to wear this half cast....

...which he hates. The coolness of having a cast wore off quick!

This is my blog and I'll whine if I want to.

I try to be and stay positive but it's just not me to be that way all the time. Yes I'm thankful for what I have in my life overall, but no I'm not everyday. I have a big, beautiful 2400 square foot house, but it is a pain to clean. Since we've moved in I've been trying to get it cleaned up and it's almost impossible and I haven't had the money to hire someone to come in and clean it. I personally would rather give up cable and hire a cleaner. On my days off I try to clean up in the morning and it is so hard with my baby boy. He creates 10x more work. He runs off with the dustpan or starts playing in the mop water full of chemicals or he dumps out the trash.

Hudson is a sweet, funny, baby but he is so destructive. Caleb was never ever like this as a baby. He is into everything! He tries his best to break every set of blinds I have in this house. He is ruining my plants, he pulls every book and shoe off the shelves, he climbs on the table and bangs on my really expensive new TV. He has no clue what "no" means. He pulls all his clothes out of his drawers, he will go through the laundry basket and pull those out as well. And the advice I get from people is, "well put it up". Well I only have so many freaking "put it up" spots in my house! As I'm typing this he just brought me a bottle of juice I threw away which was at least 3 inches under other trash in the trashcan. Oh wait, now he's moved onto the vertical blinds...yea!

I'm exhausted folks. I'm 6 1/2 months pregnant, my stomach is huge, my energy is very little and I still have 2 older kids and a full time job. I'm tired. Really tired. They all get annoyed because I want to go to bed at 8:00 every night. I get up at 4:50 in the morning.

My older kids help but usually only when asked. My niece leaves her crayons and markers and pencils all over the kitchen, which in turn gives my baby something else to destruct the house with. My son leaves his toys and clothes all over the place and toothpaste all over the sink. And they both leave their backpacks right where I'm going to trip and break my neck over. If they're not careful I'm going to turn into a mean witch if they don't pick up after themselves! It's gotten worse as they've gotten older.

I clean on my days off, get it looking nice, and then by the time the weekend rolls around again guess what, it looks as if I did nothing. I HATE it! Yes I have kids, yes we all have obligations, but seriously, I hate a messy house! I hate it! And I'm only one person, I'm tired, and I can't clean that much! And I can't afford to replace everything my baby destructs! God only knows how I'm going to handle it all once my little girl comes, cause I don't have a clue.

And ya it's Thanksgiving week, I should be posting about what I'm thankful for, yada yada yada. But I don't want to...maybe tomorrow, but not today.

Oh wait, here's one. I'm thankful for this computer so I can vent as my baby destructs everything around me. :)

Stuff. Always stuff.

Ok so I have lots of pictures to post, I just have to find my camera cord to load them on the computer. I haven't been able to find them since we moved. Which by the way, the house closed! I am a officially home owner. It's pretty exciting too, it's my first home I've ever bought.  However I bought it at the busiest time ever and have yet to get very much done/put away. I have little squares of paint colors on my walls trying to decide. I hope I can get the whole downstairs done by Thanksgiving.

So the pregnancy is going good. I will be 6 months on the 5th and it's flying by. I have no idea how my side muscles are going to possibly stretch anymore. I am much bigger with baby girl then I was with Hudson. She is moving all the time and starting to do the uncomfortable pushing to the point I feel like my belly is going to pop.

Hudson is doing great. Talking so much. He has learned his belly, nose, and ear and says them all. He is repeating so much and the older ones love teaching him things. He's so loveable and those eyes keep getting me every day. He is in to EVERYTHING! Oh my gosh, he'll knock over the trash and while I'm picking up the trash he pulls all the shoes off the rack. Then while I'm picking up the shoes he's pulling all his baby wipes out of their case. You get the drift. It's driving me nuts!

I'll try to give an update on the older kids here soon but I want to wait for report cards to do that.

22 weeks 5 days

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Pink or Blue????

When I went in for my ultrasound the other day I just knew the doctor would say, "It's a boy!". With Caleb I remember that I knew right away, I had the strongest feeling it was a boy and sure enough, it was. And with this one I just knew it was a boy too.

With Hudson I didn't have a clue. No feelings either way. I carried him very similar to how I carried Caleb so that was an indication it was a boy. But I was hardly sick with him and with Caleb I was sick as a dog for 9 months. So that could have meant it was a girl. But as we went in for the ultrasound, with Caleb there, the doctor said, "Well I hate to tell you this but you're going to have to put up with another one of these." and pointed to Caleb. I like my doctor, he's funny.

So as I went in the other day, I didn't have a clue what the doc was looking at. I guess that's why they're the trained professional and I'm not right? I told him at the beginning I wanted to know the sex so if he saw anything he could say. Anyway he was doing the measuring and all that stuff and all of a sudden on the screen he makes the words of the sex come up. For one I wasn't expecting it at that moment and for another I wasn't expecting to it to say "Girl".

He triple checked from each direction and he is confident it's a girl. He says he's been wrong 4 times out of 15 years...pretty good odds if you ask me.

So sure enough this sweet little one in my tummy is a girl. After having 2 boys, my last baby will have cute pony tails and painted toe nails instead of dead frogs in their pockets and toilet seats left up.

17 weeks 1day

Can you believe how big my tummy is already???
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Tonight is one of those nights

Whew I'm tired. It wasn't really a busier day then usual but I'm beat.

I am getting Guardianship of Makayla and the last step is a Social Worker has to come see my house and talk to us and her. I spent today picking up the house and just making sure it's in order for her to come. I'm not going to fake it and have my house be completely spotless because well, that's impossible. But I do want it presentable.

I made dinner too. One of us will take the older kid(s) to soccer practice and the other stays home to make dinner and do what needs to be done. So I made taco salad....yummy.

But after all that, my feet hurt and I'm tired.

School starts on Monday for the kiddos so we're trying to establish a routine again around here. They're not too happy about the 9:00 bedtime. I am.

I think I'm rambling on. My dogs are tired and my brain wants to shut off. Oh but one last thing....ok a couple. I got a new computer so as soon as I move into my new house I will get it hooked up and be a much better blogger. And of course there will be many more pictures. This computer is just too much of a pain. We also went to the teeny tiny baby doctor...all looks good, haven't gained a pound (which with Hudson I only gained 2 lbs...weird I know), and if he/she cooperates I'll find out the sex on the 17th of September.

Anyway that's it.

I Love Rocking My Baby

As I was rocking Huddie to sleep tonight that's what I was thinking about. We are busy busy people, it's unreal. Soccer, work, doctors, getting ready to move, busy. We're always in a rush...I'm constantly telling the kids go go go, hurry, let's go because there's just not time to not be rushed.

Anyway I am usually thinking gotta get the baby down to sleep fast so I can get things ready for tomorrow, get the older kids ready for bed and then get in bed myself by 9 since I wake up so early. And then I start thinking, now we're going to be having another one so I really need to get him to go to sleep on his own in his crib by February since we'll have a  baby to put to sleep too. But seriously, I love rocking him. How often do you get to experience your babies being babies? My "baby" will be 10 in a couple months! I had all the time in the world for him. As a matter of fact he slept with me so instead of rocking him to sleep, I'd snuggle him to sleep.

Shortly after Hudson was born, Makayla came to live with us so suddenly I had two school aged children, a full time job, a house to clean, and a new baby. The thought of making time for all of them was, and sometimes still is, overwhelming. They have such different needs The older ones take more mental energy and the baby takes more physical energy . Plus by the time I get off work after dealing with about 900 of the most difficult people on the planet for 8 hours, I'm sucked dry.

BUT. Yes there is a but. There are a few things...well more then a few things but I'm only listing a few of them...that I absolutely love about making time for my kids.

I love having chats with my oldest son. Whether we're talking about something he got in trouble over, something great he did, something he wants to do, a girl he likes, what he did with friends, whatever. I could talk to him all night.

I love doing girly things with my niece. She likes to have her makeup done, nails painted, and hair done. We giggle and talk about her friends. And she always so much older by the time we're done.

And lastly I love rocking my baby. When I put his tummy to mine and his head lays on my arm and he just stares at me as his eye lids get heavy. I can feel him melt into me when he drifts off.

Here we go again....

Ok so I have yet to post this on here. And I know I've told just about everyone that reads this in person...but just in case there are some lurkers around there I'M PREGNANT! 12 weeks to be exact. Huge surprise.  I'm excited! Our new precious arrival will join the gang sometime around February 5th. Caleb wants a girl and Makayla wants a boy. We want a healthy little girl but will be totally happy with a baby boy. So...............I will start taking pictures soon!

Hudson's 1st Birthday 6/28/10

Hudson turned one!!! I cannot believe how fast time goes. He walks all over the place....even tries to run. He says, "ba-bye & uh oh" He says, "Mamma " but I don't know if he knows what it means. He loves loves loves his Bubby and Lala (Caleb & Makayla)! And he really loves dogs too! His eye lashes have only got darker and longer and he is handsome as ever. This past year has been amazing having Hudson in our lives. I'm so thankful for him!

Hudson's 1st haircut 6/27/10

He did great! He just sat there sucking on his binky looking around at the bright fun place. He didn't even mind when she got out the clippers.

He even got his first sucker for being such a good trooper. He loved it!

It didn't change his looks much but it did keep him looking extraordinarily cute!

Our House???

So I didn't get the house I put an offer in on. They wanted $12,000 more then the full price offer I gave them. So as much as I loved the home, I declined. I found another one I liked...different floor plan. It looked like they had a great backyard until they let it go. It has a big fenced in garden, big lawn area and some extra area. They put in a horse shoe pit and a cool barrel thing for the kids to play on. I think with some TLC it will look great again. The sellers have accepted our offer,  just waiting for their bank to since it's a short sale. So wish me luck! Here's a not so great picture of it.

Photo shoot from today-They are so cute!

Hudson, 11 months.
Makayla, 11 years.
Caleb, not home.

Look what I can do!

Hudson is almost 9 months now. He started pulling up on Saturday. However he doesn’t really have the balance for it, so he still falls a lot.

I made an offer on a house!!! It’s beautiful and has a white picket fence in the front. It’s a short sale though so can take 2-6 months so wish me luck!.

Caleb is great, ready to sign up for soccer next month.

Makayla is doing wonderful, she’s ready for soccer as well.

More to come later, this is just a quick update.

Enjoy the pictures!

7.5 months, Hudson is everywhere!

He is mobile now. Only he doesn’t crawl, he Army crawls and he can get booking! (I will post a video tomorrow when I get batteries) He’s messing with the bookshelf, he’s trying to get in the cupboards (I’m thinking it’s time for child locks), he’s into the shoes, behind the chair, everywhere! He loves his tunnel he got for Christmas and can make his way all the way through it. This is the same tunnel that freaked him out at first. He sits up too; he’s actually done this for about a month. He can’t go into a sitting position but he can sit for a long time and play. He’s figured out how to go from sitting to his stomach without just falling so we’re close.

He freaks out when he sees a glass (video to come). He WANTS it! It’s SO funny! He’ll actually drink out of it too!

Another thing he loves and has loved his us to pretend like we’re eating his feet. Oh he cracks up.

He’s getting bigger and bigger but he’s still little. He’s not chunky or super long. He’s average. He’s transitioning into 6-9 month clothes. His hair is growing longer each day and covering his ears and coming into his eyes. His eye lashes are continuing to get longer and darker too. He’s so cute!

We have him on Stage 2 food and he likes everything, including macaroni and veggies mixed. But I think his favorite is still apples. He’s also eating little puffs, banana & strawberry. He loves them. I’m also giving him melts and as long as I break them he can eat them. The kid likes food! He barely (and I really mean BARELY) is holding his own bottle. He’s stubborn on this one. He’ll only hold it if he wants it bad enough and we’re not holding him.

He still doesn’t like car rides much. He doesn’t last very long unless he’s asleep. He’s more of a homebody. We try to get out with him but he makes it difficult a lot. He doesn’t go to sleep well if there is noise or he wakes up quickly and doesn’t get a good nap. He’s much much better about freaking out around so many people.

He’s finally sleeping through the night. Well for the most part. It’s still hit or miss but mostly hit. However when he wakes up he demands a bottle and won’t go back to sleep until he gets it. He puts himself to sleep at night now. , bottle and then we lay him in his crib and to sleep he goes.

I am so blessed to have him as my child. He is wonderful.

P.S. Makayla made A’s and B’s for the quarter!
P.P.S. Caleb’s comes soon so stay tuned!

7 months!

Oh man Hudson is doing so many things! He will be seven months old in a few days. Where in the world did seven months go??!!

He’s on the verge of crawling. He gets on his stomach, puts his head down and tries so hard to put his knees under him. Also while on his stomach he lifts his chest and head up and spins. It’s so funny. If we hold his hands he can walk across the room. He used to just tap dance when we did this, now he will put one foot in front of the other. He sits up too. He can’t get himself in a sitting position but he sits there on his own for a while. He’s figured out how to throw fits and he very much knows who mom is. He loves his Bubby (Caleb) and Lala (Makayla). He likes to watch them play rather then actually play with them. He finally slept through the night last night. I finally started letting him cry at night (not a long time) and each day he sleeps more and more without waking up.

Again, where did seven months go??


I’ve been looking back over the years at my many Christmas’s (26 to be exact), some I remember, some I don’t. I’ve had turkey, ham and even 7-11 for Christmas dinner.
Each Christmas comes...the lights and tree go up after Thanksgiving...the kids go on Winter break...and although I say I won’t, I spend way too much on Christmas gifts.
But seriously at the end of Christmas day isn’t it awesome?
Our Christmas went on and on and the kids (myself included!) loved it! We woke my mom and Caleb up and went to the living room full of presents. Caleb loved all his gifts and Hudson loved pulling the bows off of his presents!
We all hung out and played with new toys and did presents until more family got there. We had a very yummy dinner and opened presents one more time after we ate since my brother and Dad brought more. Makayla came over a few times to see everyone and open presents. It was great.
I could hardly believe it was already Christmas! Where does the time go? Well in the words of any 5 year old kid, "Only 364 more days to go!"

December already

Well it’s official, Caleb is nine.
He said that this years birthday was the best birthday ever! I thought I was nuts letting four nine year old boys stay the night but all was well. Only one closet door off track and the Christmas tree is still standing so not bad I’d say.
Yesterday was a snow day which the kids loved! We got a foot of snow and more is expected this Thursday. I didn’t mind it but today, today was COLD! This morning at 6 am it was -23 at my house. Yes, you read that right NEGATIVE 23 degrees. In other words, WAY TOO FREAKING COLD!
Our house is decorated and our tree is very pretty. I need to finish my shopping and get the presents wrapped. I’m sure I say this every year but Christmas came so fast.
Makayla is doing great with us. She is such a blessing to have around.
She’s kind, helpful and loves to play with Caleb & Hudson. I’m very thankful for her.
Hudson is doing great! I love that kid! He has learned to roll from his back to his stomach and has made quite the sport of it. However, he cannot roll from his stomach to his back and hates being on his stomach so he’s in quite a pickle a lot. He babbles and smiles all the time and has taken a liking to blowing raspberries.
Caleb is almost off track again for school and is quite looking forward to the break. He gets rather spoiled when he’s on break...I let him sleep in, lounge around in his jammies and he gets to stay up later watching TV.
So, anything worth sharing going on with any of you?


Can you believe it’s November already? Christmas is about to knock on the door and so is Caleb’s 9th birthday. That I can hardly believe as well.

I have some time to kill before we head off to church and thought I’d update you all on the craziness around here since I’ve been back

First, Caleb made honor roll on his report card; very proud of him. I’m hoping to get him signed up for basketball to start in January…we took a break from Fall sports so he’s ready now. He had a sleep over last night and it’s amazing all the things you learn about your kids by watching them interact with their friends. And it’s also rather embarrassing the things kids will share with other parents such as I learned Caleb’s friend’s dad wears tighty whities…who knows what he has said about us.

is 4 months old now. Time goes by so fast. He smiles all the time and laughs now. He is extremely ticklish and laughs like crazy when I pretend to bite his feet…cutest thing ever! His personality has definitely come out strong. He has learned to throw fits and how to whine. His hands get in the way ALL THE TIME. Try to feed him and his hands are pushing it every which way and he is constantly knocking his binky out which drives me nuts. He sleeps great at night only waking up once of twice.

For Halloween Caleb was Luigi and was as monkey. I’ll get pictures up soon enough.

I have some big news to share that I’m really happy about. Last weekend Makayla came to live with us. I’m so thankful for her. She started school on Wednesday and all is well so far. We have a meeting with her teachers and counselor on Thursday to make sure she is transitioning well. She has her own room here (which we had to scramble to clean out since it was our “extra” room). We’ll get some posters and stuff up soon for her so it feels like her room to her. Things are definitely busy with another body here. Between making lunches, doing homework and getting them to bed I’m exhausted at the end of the day.

I’ve been in my new job for 2 weeks now. I like it. It is a very busy position which I like because my day flies by. I’m excited to have Holidays off too so this Wednesday I get to be home and hang out with the kids who are out of school.

So that’s about it for now, I’m going to go get the kids dressed.

Almost done!

Well unfortunately I just couldn’t shoot the handgun good enough so I will not be making honor grad. However, as long as I miss no more then 5 on my test tomorrow, the handgun will be the only thing stopping me from getting it so I’m proud of that. Today was our last day of class. I’m so happy! Tomorrow morning is our test and then graduation in the afternoon. We turn everything in tomorrow and I fly out at 12:40 on Saturday. It went by rather quickly and I had lots of fun but I must say this is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Not the academy part….the leaving my kids, especially a three month old baby for three weeks. This last week was really hard for me and today when I talked to Caleb he broke down about missing me which in turn brought on my tears. Gosh I miss him. So much.

I can’t wait to be home. CAN’T WAIT!

Oh and today, the pretty girl in the world turned 11! Can you believe it? Makayla is 11. I remember the day she was born with her ivory skin and red hair. And as she grew that red hair had the prettiest ringlets and she was always happy. She has developed into a beautiful pre-teen girl. I’m so in love with her and miss her so much. I cannot wait to see her! Now that I have weekends off I’m hoping to get to see her lots.

Well my uniforms are pressed, my studying is done, and my bag is ready to be turned in tomorrow so I think I’m going to go to sleep. Night

You know what I mean

So since I’ve been here I think I’ve taken up the word “ya’all”. I notice a drawl come off the end of my words when someone just said a word with their southern drawl attached. I’ve also heard “you know what I mean” with a New Yalk (yes that’s right) accent quite a bit and it cracks me up. Nice guy though. Who knows how I’ll come back speaking??

And for being the south where people are nice…I held the door at a restaurant the other day and out of 7 people (ya I counted) only one said “Thank you”. My kid has better manners then these tourists!

I’ve also seen our best shot in the class shoot a perfect 13 shots with the rifle right in the middle of the target. I’ve never seen such good shooting. Except, well, it was on his neighbors target, not his. And he’s a cocky one too so that part of me that believes we all get what we give got a bit of a kick out of it.

I went to St. Simons island and Jekyl island this past weekend. Love the ocean. Went to a sea turtle hospital which was very cool.

Day too many

My baby boy went from 12.11 lbs to a whopping 13.8 lbs in 2 weeks!! I’m so thankful that my kids are healthy.

We shot the rifle today which I’ve never shot in my life and I got 29/30 which is good.

I’m still in the running for Honor Grad! I had my first academic test today and missed 2 out of 60. That means my next test of 90, I can miss 5. This is not for passing, I can miss a lot to pass; this is for honor grad.

I also had my first self-defense evaluation and scenario today which I passed.

For honor grad you have to maintain an academic score of 95%, pass all your self-defense moves on the first try (you get two tries), get an acceptable or highly acceptable on your scenarios, shoot 28/30 on your rifle, 143/150 points on the pistol, and 5/5 on the shotgun and you have to do them all on your first try in addition to knowing how to make them duty carry (ready for work) and clearing the weapon (unloading, ready to put away). Again you get two tries.

I didn’t feel well this afternoon. I think I’m a little dehydrated and very mentally and physically exhausted. The rifle gave me a headache and the headache gave me a stomach ache, etc. And gosh I want to come home. I know it’s only a week left but that seems so long. I miss my kids a lot.

There’s some cool people in my class but there’s so many personalities that I’ve seen mild drama start so I stay back. Amazing what can happen in three weeks. I can’t imagine being one of the branches that are here for 4, 6, or 8 months.

Anyway I’m off to bed. Night.


Savannah was beautiful! You can see the history in each street, it’s amazing. The parks are covered with Live Oaks and hover over the streets and the park. Each park has some sort of monument to honor the civil war veterans or the slaves or something. Very serene.

We’re going back on Friday to do a ghost walk of Savannah…scary and fun! Can’t wait!

It was fun to hang out with myself most of the weekend. I slept in, caught up on my shows thanks to abc.com. I went to the mall, I seen a movie, it was really nice. I miss my baby so much though. I miss Caleb too. A lot. But I can talk to them on the phone (which I have…lots) and they talk back. Plus they’re older. But , gosh I miss him. I hope he remembers me when I get back. I talk to him on the phone…he’ll stop talking or whining and listen to me so hopefully he’ll remember my voice.

Week one of the academy went by fast. Our first test is this Thursday so I’ve been studying a lot.  I had a little more fun and I hit the target every time so that’s a plus. Ha! I like the self-defense. Very basic but fun none the less.

So I’m just trucking along. And in the South, everyone is nice. Seriously. I might even come back saying Y’al!

Here I am!

So here I am…sitting in the airport in waiting on my shuttle to take me to the training center. It’s humid but not too hot so it should be really nice.

I can’t believe I’m leaving my boys for three weeks. Really sucks. But my work gives me $300 and a free plane ticket here so I’m going to make the most of it. I’d rather be off having fun then in my room miserable. They’re well cared for so it’s all good.

I didn’t bring my camera because I would way rather it stay at home take pictures of the kids then me in front of some statue so the only pictures you guys may get will be cell phone pictures.

Caleb gets to fly to his Grandma and Papa’s next weekend which he is really looking forward too. They’re always so good to him and lots of fun. He’ll be staying with his dad for three weeks and has no problem going to his sitters since he has a crush on her.

 Hud went to his monthly appointment Wed. Get this; the kid with the cheeks went from 12 lbs, 4 oz and 21.5 inches to 12 lbs 11 oz and 24 inches. So he has to go back because she’s a little concerned since it was so little weight gain compared to last time. I did quit breastfeeding and my breast milk was really fatty so I think this has to do with it. He eats fine and IS still growing so I’m not too concerned.

I’m sure I’ll have lots to write about on this trip…I am in the South after all.

Guess what

I got an office job! Thank God! Really, thank him.

I will be the Education Tech.

7-3, weekends and holidays off. I'll be home for Thanksgiving and home for Christmas and home on the weekends for Caleb and the evenings for Hudson.

Oh my gosh I am so happy!

Things I don't understand about my oldest son

He only sleeps under his comforter because he doesn’t want to make the rest of his bed in the morning.

Why he thinks he’s fat. Seriously, have you seen the kid? SKINNY!

His language which I can’t stand:

That’s tight = That’s cool
Sick = Cool
Clean = Cool

What happened to, “Hey that’s cool!”?


My sweet baby boy brought some stranger to tears last night. We ran into her in an elevator and she took a peep at my sleeping boy and thought he was so perfect she got tears.

He is perfect!

Both my boys are perfect!


Gosh I get homesick sometimes. Not for my home but for my hometown. I like Reno…I like it better now that I live a bit out of it. Love my house, neighborhood, conveniences. But man when I go home, to visit my parents, I feel how much I miss it. All my friends are there, my family, all the familiarity. I wish so bad I could live there still.

Caleb has been struggling a bit lately. I sometimes think he’s trying to find his place between the two homes. I know it’s got to be a little hard going back and forth every other week. I try to keep things as normal as possible but I know our houses run differently. We have similar but different rules, we tolerate different things, and we have different schedules. So I’m sure adjusting is a little difficult when you’ve been doing something all week. He’s been craving tons of attention lately and going about it in a very annoying manner. I’ve struggled a bit juggling the two kids and I know his dad has two bigger kids at his house so that’s a lot of attention to share when you’ve been the only kid between two parents for a long time. I have set aside a day every week that Caleb can look forward to no matter what that is just me and him. We are going away from our home/neighborhood and doing something just the two of us. I’m really looking forward to it.

Hudson is thriving! He is growing like he should and then some. He is cute as a button! And those cheeks!!!! Unfortunately I have to quit breastfeeding him. Sucks but I have to go to my academy that I didn’t go to when I started my job because I was pregnant. Its three week in Georgia . I wish I didn’t have to go. That’s a long time to be away from my boys, I’m going to miss them like crazy. So I’ve been slowly introducing him to formula to make sure his tummy can handle it and so my boobs don’t pop. He does fine on it thankfully.

Anyway that’s about it for now. Still trying to get out of custody and get an office job. Seems like it will never happen but keeping my fingers crossed.

Oh what a night

Here’s a normal night.

8 pm: Hud and I lay down to go to sleep

10 pm: Approximately at this time I lay him in his crib and he wakes up two minutes later to eat.

3 am: Wake up again to eat, goes back to bed.

6 am or so: Wakes up to eat.

7 or 8: Wakes up completely.

Here’s last night.

8 pm: Hud and I lay down to sleep

9 pm: Still awake

10 pm: Wants to eat, makes a mess.

11 pm: Finally lay him in his crib

11:30 pm: Wakes to eat, lay him back down

12:15 am: Wakes up, give him binky

12:25 am: Cries because binky fell out

12:30 am: Cries because binky fell out again.

1:00 am: Wants to eat, makes a bigger mess from fidgeting, lay back down

2:00 am: Wakes up, give him binky, it falls out, I let him cry.

And cry

And cry

2:30 am: Wide awake and not happy

3:00 am: I call into work from getting virtually no sleep

3:30 am: Eats again

4:00 am: Wakes up again, give him binky

Binky keeps falling out.

5:00 am: Wants to eat again

6:00 am: Finally falls asleep

7:00 am: Wakes to eat, lays in bed with me for the next two hours sleeping yet fidgeting and moving and fidgeting and moving

9:00 am: I finally give up and get out of bed.

Oh motherhood!

Sometimes knowledge isn't power

Or good for that matter.
I was working overnights for what, five months. And on overnights there is A LOT of downtime with nothing to do. I got hooked on the website babycenter.com. They had a group board for women due in July. It was neat reading their posts and some of the questions they asked are questions I had.
Now that the baby is here, I have joined the June 2009 birth group.
Again it’s neat to read what other people have to say but I have decided to stay away from the board from here on out. Why? Because there’s too much information. Meaning, the other parents put too much crap in your head. Things like....one lady has a monitor that beeps if your baby stops breathing while sleeping and it HAS went off. Then like 20 other mom’s get on there and talk about how their babies have stopped breathing while sleeping and it’s when they’re in too deep of a sleep they don’t start breathing again and that’s how they die of SIDS. Not cool.
Or how when Caleb was little I breast fed him for a year. I never pumped at work, I just fed him when I got home and on weekends. Never had a second thought about my milk supply and all was fine. Well now with reading these stupid boards and all the moms freaked out about their milk supply, I start thinking about it. If I don’t pump, will I still be able to feed him? What do I do if he likes the bottle better? Do I have enough milk? And these questions are totally stupid because I do pump at work, I do have enough milk so he can have breast milk during the day, he does take a bottle and still nurses and there is no problems.
Do you see what I’m getting at here?
I think I make a much better mother if I don’t read what other mothers have to say. If I have a question I think I’ll stick to asking the pediatrician or a trusted family member. Otherwise, if I continue to read these boards I will develop obsessive compulsive disorder and never sleep again.

This and That

Welp Wednesday is my day back to work. I’ve been working really hard on getting into a routine and he’s cooperating pretty good so far. He loves his Mommy and just wants to help out. Or so I like to think.

I’m nervous to go back. I try really hard not to stress and know that everything will just work out but sometimes it gets the best of me. I’m continuing to breast feed and don’t want him to have formula. This means I’m going to be pumping a lot at work so I have to find times to pump. It’s going to be challenging but it’s important to me.

Caleb was sad I was going back to work. I feel the same way. I’m happy that I will be home from work before he gets out of school so the only time he won’t see me is in the mornings and until 2:30 on the weekends. I have Monday, Tuesday off which isn’t bad. What’s nice is he is out of school the whole month of September so it doesn’t matter what my days off are.

I applied for a job at the Depot. They work 4-10’s so I would have every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off. I’m also applying for an Education Technician position at the prison and there should be a Secretary position opening up soon so I’m applying like crazy. Wish me luck!

Can you believe it’s almost Fall??? I can’t! Where does time go? Soon our long summer days will be shorter and the leaves will start to turn. Although it’s pretty, I’m just not ready. I wish I had a button to slow down time! I have to say my favorite thing about fall is the pumpkin patch though. And think of all the pictures I will be getting this year!!!

What’s your favorite thing?

My big boy

My little big boy slept in his crib for the first time last night. It was the best night of sleep I’ve had since he was born. Why? Because the kid grunts ALL night long. Really…most kids coooo and make sweet sounds…but not Hud. Oh no, he grunts, a lot. It’s so hard to sleep through. So with him being in his room I only heard the crying when it was time to eat.Can you believe he’s already 6 ½ weeks old? I can’t!And the crappy part of him being 6 ½ weeks old?? I have to go back to work next Wednesday. I was supposed to have 12 weeks off but not happening anymore so I’m going back. Sucks big time!Caleb is doing good. He’s been slacking on school though. He has a hard time understanding that homework is more important then playing. I’m thinking all 4th graders have this problem though huh? He also is a ditz…and I say this with love but he is. He forgets his backpack, his homework, whatever you told him three seconds ago. But yet he can remember, in detail, what happened 5 years ago. Crazy kid.