What a fun weekend!

So as you will see we spent the weekend camping with some friends and had so much fun!


C was his normal self refusing to look at the camera.

Babygirl is much easier to convince....

Such a pretty little lady...

He's a cutie too...

And it's the morning! Can't you tell by C's hair?!

This was the "time out" rock...he looks thrilled huh?

Yep they both visited it! She actually fell asleep sitting there.

Oh boys!

 Day two is time for the hat and no makeup
We all gathered in the truckr and drove up the mountain...well, the kids drove

 This was the smoky view from the top. You can kind of see the lake.



Then Caleb got a little hungry and decided to eat the bait

We didn't catch anything

But we had fun


I think they plot against me

In general I only have three rules in my home:

1. Pick up after yourself.
2. Be nice.
3. Once you’re in bed, stay in bed and go to sleep. (just so we’re clear, my BIGGEST pet peeve is when my child gets up or needs something after bed, yes this may make me the worlds worst mom but I don’t care, once you’re in bed it is my much needed Lynsey time and I only get a short amount of it so if you need a drink that you didn’t get before bed then that takes five minutes of my time, then I only have 25 left, and if you are scared, well then that takes the remaining 25 and now I have no me time…get my drift?)

So having two kids in my home right now has presented a lot of, well, arguing over these three rules. I personally think they’re very simple, not complicated what so ever. They on the other hand have the need to defy EVERY.SINGLE.ONE.OF.THEM. over and over and over….oh and over.

They’re cousins, not brother and sister but you wouldn’t know the difference. Seriously, they cannot be nice to each other more then 5 minutes, if that. The other one is always wrong, one is constantly interrupting the other one which in turn turns into a huge emotional breakdown of “She’s always interrupting me!” ‘sob’ ‘sob’ ‘sob’. And then when Thing two trips for the 100th time in an hour, she gets upset because Thing one laughs at her.

In a matter of ten minutes, I can tell you where at in the house (or yard) they were, what they were doing (or eating) and that they’ve moved on to create another mess. And yes, I’m the mean mom who interrupts what they are doing to make you come inside and put their dishes in the sink or hang up their bathing suite. Yep I’m totally un-fun.

But you know, having two around the house means different conversations and perspectives. Like while Caleb was playing on the computer, Makayla went through old future embarrassment pictures with me and laughed and laughed and laughed. And breakfast isn’t just C and I sitting there saying three words to each other.

It’s kind of nice.

Hats off to parents of more then one!

So we survived morning number one of getting two kids ready. Thing one (Caleb) tried to refuse breakfast and Thing two (Makayla) had a melt down over Thing one hitting her with the toothpaste lid. But once we hit the car, they were both excited for the day! The camp put them in two separate groups so at least I don’t have to worry about getting a call saying they’ve killed each other.

I’m happy, tired, chewed up & spit out, and it’s only Monday.

Here’s to a crazy week!

Our Fun Saturday

This & That

I’m so happy to see Caleb tonight. It’s been too long…a whole week and a half. My niece is going to be staying a week with us and going to summer camp with Caleb. She’s totally excited. She’s a tomboy but man when she comes to my house, she gets into my hair stuff, makeup, nail polish, last night while I was playing on the computer she came out in my knee high boots and one of my dresses asking if she could wear it to church. Cracks me up.

I’m at an open house right now waiting for people to come through. I can’t wait to own a house someday; it seems so far away though. I will be on project mode galore when that time comes. Sometimes it’s so frustrating, I feel like  I work so hard but am stuck in the middle income rut. Oh well I just keep praying and working at it.

When I get back home today I am going to be in power cleaning mode! My house is showing the affects of my work week. I’m tired and out of clean clothes. I’ve been home long enough to eat, change, and sleep.

Anyway, I need to make my grocery list…have a great weekend!

A heart attack at 25

I don’t like to leave my cat out after dark for fear of Coyotes getting her. Which I really shouldn’t be scared of since she is the b*tch on the block and thinks she can tackle dogs 5 times her size...and rabbits…and bugs….and birds…etc. Anyway, I went out last night about 10ish (after dark) to hunt her down and bring her in. I usually go out front, say “Kitty Kitty” a few times and she comes running meowing the whole way.

After 2 minutes of “Here Kitty Kitty” nothing. Not a sign. So crossing my mind that a Coyote was hungry I went out back to incase she was playing in the fields behind our house. I call out again and I hear a slight sound…I look over and the cat is under the patio table playing with something.

I go over to her, lean down, and see something that almost looks like a hair tie—now remember, it’s dark outside and I didn’t turn on the porch light. I reach my hand down to grab it and it jumped at me and that is the moment I almost peed my pants because it was a snake. I grabbed the cat, ran into the house screaming, threw the cat across the living room (litterly) and slammed the slider door closed!

And I don’t care what anyone says, when this snake jumped at me, it was 100 feet long and 20 feet around. I swear.

Worst Vacation Ever!

This week has been crazy busy. Caleb left on Wednesday to go to Disneyland and Legoland (which I’m totally jealous about!) so I was thinking I would get to sleep in a little later, eat things without sneaking them, and finish unpacking. Well I was wrong. I’ve been going to work early, showing properties like crazy, working late, and eating when I have a chance. So much for thinking huh?

I miss the boy already and am sad I had to give up half of my week but come on, Buzz Lightyear is like 10 times cooler then me! And who wouldn’t want to go to a land of Legos???

Last time, well only time, Caleb went to Disneyland he hated every single ride and screamed his head off in them except Winnie the Poo, It’s a Small World, and The Haunted Mansion. Then he got lost for a bazillion hours (15 minutes) which stopped my heart and caused my dad and I to toss people out of the way with what felt like Godzilla power, and to top off the horrible trip, he did a back flip off the pool and had to have five staples in the top of his head. I wish his dad (and him) better luck this time.

I know you were dying to see those pictures!

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Father’s Day Dads!

Because I like to.....

Have you gone shopping lately?? Like grocery shopping? Not only is gas ridiculous, but groceries have gone up majorly! Holy smokes! I spent way too much money on hardly anything the other day. We might be going to beans and rice come next month. Seriously, man!

I had my first session with my personal trainer today and wow…I needed him! I am so ridiculously out of shape! He says I can reach my goal in six months if I stick to it. We shall see…I’m more optimistic now then I was 20 minutes into the session. Ha!

What ever happened to the day when there was music on CMT, MTV, & VH1??? It’s all movies and reality shows now. We need some good ol’ sitcoms back on!!!!
Caleb was cute today. Annoying but cute….most of our day went something like this:

Caleb: Ok mom, anyone who says “What” is a huge nerd!

--Seven hours later—

Caleb: Mom!

Me: Yes Caleb ?(See, I remembered!)

Caleb: Mom!

Me: Yes Caleb?

Caleb: Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mooooommmm! Mom! Mom! Mom!


Caleb: Gotcha!

Gotta love annoying seven year olds!