33 weeks

I can't believe I'm at 33 weeks already...her due date is right around the corner it seems. I am so not prepared for her. I have absolutely nothing ready for her. She has very little clothes and no supplies. I have to get out the car seat and bouncer and sheets and stuff and start sanitizing and washing those. I need to make a list of things I need and start getting them. I've been so focused on birthdays and Christmas that all that kind of got put on the back shelf.

I had a minor scare two days ago...so yesterday I went to the doctor and he said everything is good and there is no concern. Whew! He did an ultra sound and her head is RIGHT there ready to go which would totally explain all the pressure. I'm tired of being pregnant and can't wait to meet her but I really would be ok with her staying in a bit longer.

I am ready for Christmas. Three more gifts to buy...which were already bought...but the store cancelled our order so I will be getting on that right away. Otherwise everything is purchased. I am celebrating Christmas tomorrow with Caleb since he will be with his dad for it. I think I have all his gifts ready to go but will double check before I go to bed. I have most everyone's gifts wrapped and just have a few more to do. I don't know if I've ever been so prepared for Christmas.

I STILL can't find my camera cord and it's driving me nuts! I keep wanting to go to Target to get one but for some reason it's hard to find time to go in. I have so many pictures to share, I will either have to have one long catch-up blog or a whole bunch of them in a row. But here are a couple to share with you. They're from adance at my niece's school. She looks like she's 16!!!!!!