You know what I mean

So since I’ve been here I think I’ve taken up the word “ya’all”. I notice a drawl come off the end of my words when someone just said a word with their southern drawl attached. I’ve also heard “you know what I mean” with a New Yalk (yes that’s right) accent quite a bit and it cracks me up. Nice guy though. Who knows how I’ll come back speaking??

And for being the south where people are nice…I held the door at a restaurant the other day and out of 7 people (ya I counted) only one said “Thank you”. My kid has better manners then these tourists!

I’ve also seen our best shot in the class shoot a perfect 13 shots with the rifle right in the middle of the target. I’ve never seen such good shooting. Except, well, it was on his neighbors target, not his. And he’s a cocky one too so that part of me that believes we all get what we give got a bit of a kick out of it.

I went to St. Simons island and Jekyl island this past weekend. Love the ocean. Went to a sea turtle hospital which was very cool.