Hanley's 2nd Haircut via Hudson

Summer Vaca!

Crescent City was a blast! I loved all our vacations to the coast growing up so I’m really glad I get to take my children there.
We started the trip in Redding visiting the Sun Dial Bridge.
While there we were taking a shortcut to the restrooms and look who we found. Glad we saw it before it saw us.

The ride there wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I thought Hanley was going to puke the entire way because, well, that’s usually what she does. She was thoughtful and saved it for the windy part shortly before we arrived. When we got to our hotel turns out they cancelled our reservation. Yay. Do you know how hard it is to talk on the phone to 1. an automotive system and 2. a person from India or wherever with a strong accent….while it’s windy, cold, and you have semi-cranky/hyper children around you. But he did come to our rescue and put us in an even better hotel right across from the harbor which was cool

I think our favorite part was at the beach running from the waves and building sand castles.

We had some seal friends join us and the babies loved it…although honestly, I think I enjoyed them the most.

A close second was the aquarium. I mean, who doesn’t love being eaten by a shark? At the end of the tour you get an up close show with some seals and sea lions, we all loved it.

And third is probably playing at The Trees of Mystery. Outside is a gigantic Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox that has a whitty guy talking for him. We were cracking up…Hudson and Caleb couldn’t get enough of him.

BBQ’ing on the beach was a great idea and I even taught my children how to play with fire because I'm a responsible parent. There was a long pier that caused me some major anxiety seriously!!!!! It scared the living crud out of me having the babies run freely on that thing. I’m positive they would have fell overboard and been ate by a shark. And regardless of what I said above, no one likes being eaten by sharks.

It was a great trip!