I’ve been looking back over the years at my many Christmas’s (26 to be exact), some I remember, some I don’t. I’ve had turkey, ham and even 7-11 for Christmas dinner.
Each Christmas comes...the lights and tree go up after Thanksgiving...the kids go on Winter break...and although I say I won’t, I spend way too much on Christmas gifts.
But seriously at the end of Christmas day isn’t it awesome?
Our Christmas went on and on and the kids (myself included!) loved it! We woke my mom and Caleb up and went to the living room full of presents. Caleb loved all his gifts and Hudson loved pulling the bows off of his presents!
We all hung out and played with new toys and did presents until more family got there. We had a very yummy dinner and opened presents one more time after we ate since my brother and Dad brought more. Makayla came over a few times to see everyone and open presents. It was great.
I could hardly believe it was already Christmas! Where does the time go? Well in the words of any 5 year old kid, "Only 364 more days to go!"