I'm so in love with my son!

There are so many reasons why I’m so in love with him...his green eyes, his cute little freckles, his funny jokes said a thousand times. But occasionally he can do things that just absolutely melt my heart. The other morning I was hanging out on the bed in my room chatting with Caleb before he went to school.  I gave Caleb a big hug and a kiss on the cheek telling him to have a great day and I loved him. In return he hugged me back and then bent down, kissed my belly and said, "Bye Baby B, I love you." Oh good God I was speechless! He’s felt the baby move and he’ll rub my belly here and there and he talks about him a lot but that was the first time he’s done that. These tears of joy are not because my hormones are whacked, they are simply because I am in love with my son.


Lately I feel like I’ve been tested. Sadly, these tests have made me doubt and second guess myself. I always thought I was so much stronger then that.

There are so many people that route against you in life and very few that route for you.

Why? I don’t know. Perhaps they’re insecure with themselves. Perhaps they truly feel they are better then you.

I am ashamed that I would let someone get to me like that and make me doubt my priorities when in fact I know exactly where I stand with what. I know what my goals are…I know what my priorities are…I know what is important to me and what isn’t so much.

I have changed. I constantly change. I am always learning new things, facing new challenges, meeting new people.....I am proud of the person I have become. I am willing to do what it takes to ensure my goals and ethics are secured and will mold as needed to changing events.