Look what Hanley did!!!

I got her ears pierced! She did great, only cried for less then a minute. And they look so cute!

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Tuesday 3/7

Well yesterday was my first day back to work. I was so sad to leave my little girl. She woke up with me while I was getting ready and she started smiling like crazy. It made it that much harder to get ready as I wanted to just sit there and play with her. It wasn't so bad once I got to work. Thankfully my job is really busy that the day flies by and I have so many distractions that I don't really have time to sulk. For once I'm thankful for having a 45 minute commute and a commuter van to work. I show up, get on the van, put in my ear phones and go back to sleep. To and from work is an uninterrupted nap. It may help me keep my sanity.

She's sleeping a little better. The last few nights she only woke up twice and then in the morning with me. She's so gassy though that it isn't always that way. She also likes to let me know how much she does not want to lay by herself when I lay her down...she gets in these little crying spells.

She's 10 weeks tomorrow. It's amazing how fast time goes by. It's a bitter sweet feeling really. Last Friday I took her for a hospital follow up and she weighed 7 lbs, 8 ounces. She is now officially the size Caleb was when he was born. And looking at her I have no clue how I gave birth to him. Doctor says she sounds and looks great. Everyday I am so thankful that she was born healthy being so early.

I am so thankful I have a daughter. I kind of wanted another boy. I had boys, loved my boys and knew I would. But having her has totally opened my eyes. I think about all the things I get to do with her...tea parties, pedicures, dress up, girl talks. I love it! I think she is the most beautiful girl in the world and I cannot believe how much in love with her I am.

I have enjoyed my extra time with the kids so much. The other day I chased Hudson around the house almost all day. We played and played and played. He passed out early for his nap and took a long one. It's funny, that kid goes by routine so much. Every morning we'd get up, go to the kitchen, he'd hop on the bar stool in his seat and have breakfast and milk. He's just sit there as I did the dishes and picked up a bit then we'd play and talk. If I tried to change it up to the table, he'd run over to the bar.

Oh my gosh and Hudson has such a memory on him and pays close attention. He was playing with the screwdriver and then went to change his diaper. Well like two hours later Hud comes in to tell me something I don't quite understand so I tell him to show me. He runs to the changing table and wants up. I lift him up and on the side of it where you can't see he reaches and sure enough out pops the screwdriver. Then he runs to the dishwasher, get's on his belly and starts messing with it because he tried to help fix it like a month and a half ago. And then just the other night he was trying to open one of my chap sticks and was having trouble. He goes to the towel drawer, get's a towel and holds one part with the towel to get a better grip. He's either super smart or watched me do it a few times and remembered. I could go on and on, he's always doing these things. He has also become a master fit thrower. I'm talking throw himself on the ground fits. Luckily he gets over it relatively fast...until the next one comes, ten minutes later.

I took Caleb to the movies the other weekend and it was so nice. I love it when I get little moments to remember what it was like when it was just me and him. Sometimes the older he gets....he's so into video games and friends, he has an attitude like no one's business...I feel disconnected from him. So these mom and him times remind me that he is still my precious little first born boy and he still needs his momma now as much as he did when he was little.

Makayla is such a little mamma. She is very hands on with Hudson. Not so much with the baby, I think because she can't do as much as Huddie. I can't wait to take her for a pedicure herself. The other day we had fun and did makeup just because. And she went from a 12 year old little girl to a 16 year old teenager with a little mascara. She is turning into a beautiful young woman who truly has a good heart. She's really into her friends now too. I think that's the age.

So anyway that's it for now.

Me and my gorgeous kids