An Overdue Update

Finally. Finally, could it really be? She eats! Hanley has been a finiky eater since she was about three months old. I quit nursing because she was such a pain to feed and she continued to be a pain. For about two weeks now she has ate like a normal baby. Thank goodness because it really stressed me out. Neither of the boys were like this. If there was food, they were there. She also sits up. She can’t get into a sitting position on her own as she doesn’t yet get on her knees when she’s on the ground (she’s trying!) but she’ll sit for a long time and play. She babbles and has learned to blow raspberries. She’s also a mamma’s girl.  Can you believe she’s 7 ½ months? I know I can’t.

Hudson. Oh that child. He is so so so cute! He wants to do everything the older kids or I is doing. He has a little lawnmower to mow the grass. He has a kitchen set to make coffee. He has tools so he can “screwdriver” everything, a scooter to ride like his brother, and a soccer ball for brother’s soccer practice too. He has no clue he’s only two. Also for about a month now he has been sleeping in a big boy bed…he crawled out of his crib one day and that was the end of that. He really surprised me….I have no faith in my child because I was terrified to have him be able to move about while I'm sleeping. He gets into EVERYTHING. Anyway, he’s been great and does exactly what he’s supposed to do. He’s going to be a fun one to raise, I’m eager to see what he ends up doing when he’s older.

For a while I’ve really struggled with Caleb. He’s a very strong willed child and it drives me insane. He constantly reminds me I have no flippin clue what I’m doing as a parent. At the end of some days I was left exhausted and crying because he would push so hard. He’s always been strong willed but in the last year it’s became more evident just how hard-headed he is. Anyway, the last couple months Caleb, as well as all of us parents, have worked really hard to work through this. Caleb is now back to his normal self that I knew was in there. Now he’s still hard headed but he has changed a lot and he has been pushed to change. I have missed him. I know that sounds funny, but I really have. I’m so thankful for these changes as I know he is. He is an amazing child, very smart and would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. While he doesn’t necessarily have a servant’s heart, he has a helping heart. He started soccer a couple weeks ago and is doing great! He realized he needs to up his cardio a bit as the field is HUGE but he’s taken to the challenge like it’s nothing. His skills have improved since last year and he is all about teamwork. I’m very proud of him. His first game is this Saturday and he’s excited. He’s also soaking up what’s left of his summer enjoying his friends and video games. School starts on the 29th and although he wants to see his friends, he doesn’t want homework. What kid does right?

Hanley Bug

Oh Hanley, I think you’re going to be my drama queen. At 7 months old you have already expressed to us that you want things your way and that you hold grudges. The problem is, I don’t have a flippin clue what your way is or what you want. You are a hard one for me to figure out. One day you like things one way and the next day you don’t. And what’s with this not eating thing? It’s getting worse and worse. Kid, you need food to grow…you’re too young for eating disorders. You look great as you are! The bottle really isn’t that bad. You didn’t like nursing so you really need to take your bottle. I get that you like cereal and baby food but you still need a bottle.
On the other hand, you are CUTE! I love love LOVE your big, round, blue eyes. Every time you see me you give me the biggest, “Hi Mom!” smile and you melt my heart over and over. It makes me smile when I lay you on the changing table, you take a big breath in and ‘talk’ to me as you make eye contact. I can’t wait to see what you’re going to look like (ok I can wait, just excited). You have red hair which really needs to start growing so I can put clips in it.

You are a rolling fool. I’m surprised you haven’t figured out how to roll to get to the things you want. Last night you almost army crawled and it made me so excited I clapped and made loud noise and you then were distracted by me. Oops. I have a feeling you’ll be up on your knees crawling in no time. You are trying to sit up but haven’t quite got the muscles for it. I see you being one to figure it all out suddenly and our house will never be the same. Although I don’t think you can do near as much damage as Hudson. And if you can, please don’t.

Hanley girl, I love you with all my heart and soul. I can’t believe how fast the first 7 months of your life went by. You have added so much to my life and you make me really happy.