7.5 months, Hudson is everywhere!

He is mobile now. Only he doesn’t crawl, he Army crawls and he can get booking! (I will post a video tomorrow when I get batteries) He’s messing with the bookshelf, he’s trying to get in the cupboards (I’m thinking it’s time for child locks), he’s into the shoes, behind the chair, everywhere! He loves his tunnel he got for Christmas and can make his way all the way through it. This is the same tunnel that freaked him out at first. He sits up too; he’s actually done this for about a month. He can’t go into a sitting position but he can sit for a long time and play. He’s figured out how to go from sitting to his stomach without just falling so we’re close.

He freaks out when he sees a glass (video to come). He WANTS it! It’s SO funny! He’ll actually drink out of it too!

Another thing he loves and has loved his us to pretend like we’re eating his feet. Oh he cracks up.

He’s getting bigger and bigger but he’s still little. He’s not chunky or super long. He’s average. He’s transitioning into 6-9 month clothes. His hair is growing longer each day and covering his ears and coming into his eyes. His eye lashes are continuing to get longer and darker too. He’s so cute!

We have him on Stage 2 food and he likes everything, including macaroni and veggies mixed. But I think his favorite is still apples. He’s also eating little puffs, banana & strawberry. He loves them. I’m also giving him melts and as long as I break them he can eat them. The kid likes food! He barely (and I really mean BARELY) is holding his own bottle. He’s stubborn on this one. He’ll only hold it if he wants it bad enough and we’re not holding him.

He still doesn’t like car rides much. He doesn’t last very long unless he’s asleep. He’s more of a homebody. We try to get out with him but he makes it difficult a lot. He doesn’t go to sleep well if there is noise or he wakes up quickly and doesn’t get a good nap. He’s much much better about freaking out around so many people.

He’s finally sleeping through the night. Well for the most part. It’s still hit or miss but mostly hit. However when he wakes up he demands a bottle and won’t go back to sleep until he gets it. He puts himself to sleep at night now. , bottle and then we lay him in his crib and to sleep he goes.

I am so blessed to have him as my child. He is wonderful.

P.S. Makayla made A’s and B’s for the quarter!
P.P.S. Caleb’s comes soon so stay tuned!