Reason # 4,561 I don't want to go back to work.

I’m totally digging ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ Seriously, they are hilarious to me! And Kim, Kim is gorgeous.

They’ve been playing a marathon of episodes everyday and I’m hooked.

What am I going to do when I go back to work?


Big Boy

My little big boy slept in his crib for the first time last night. It was the best night of sleep I’ve had since he was born. Why? Because the kid grunts ALL night long. Really…most kids coooo and make sweet sounds…but not Hud. Oh no, he grunts, a lot. It’s so hard to sleep through. So with him being in his room I only heard the crying when it was time to eat.

Can you believe he’s already 6 ½ weeks old? I can’t!

And the crappy part of him being 6 ½ weeks old?? I have to go back to work next Wednesday. I was supposed to have 12 weeks off but not happening anymore so I’m going back. Sucks big time!

Caleb is doing good. He’s been slacking on school though. He has a hard time understanding that homework is more important then playing. I’m thinking all 4th graders have this problem though huh? He also is a ditz…and I say this with love but he is. He forgets his backpack, his homework, whatever you told him three seconds ago. But yet he can remember, in detail, what happened 5 years ago. Crazy kid.

Who trained these kids???

Tell me he isn't spoiled??!!

I buy this kid all these expensive toys and his favorite is a box. What's up with that??

Oh Caleb!

I know it's sideways...just turn your head :)