Pink or Blue????

When I went in for my ultrasound the other day I just knew the doctor would say, "It's a boy!". With Caleb I remember that I knew right away, I had the strongest feeling it was a boy and sure enough, it was. And with this one I just knew it was a boy too.

With Hudson I didn't have a clue. No feelings either way. I carried him very similar to how I carried Caleb so that was an indication it was a boy. But I was hardly sick with him and with Caleb I was sick as a dog for 9 months. So that could have meant it was a girl. But as we went in for the ultrasound, with Caleb there, the doctor said, "Well I hate to tell you this but you're going to have to put up with another one of these." and pointed to Caleb. I like my doctor, he's funny.

So as I went in the other day, I didn't have a clue what the doc was looking at. I guess that's why they're the trained professional and I'm not right? I told him at the beginning I wanted to know the sex so if he saw anything he could say. Anyway he was doing the measuring and all that stuff and all of a sudden on the screen he makes the words of the sex come up. For one I wasn't expecting it at that moment and for another I wasn't expecting to it to say "Girl".

He triple checked from each direction and he is confident it's a girl. He says he's been wrong 4 times out of 15 years...pretty good odds if you ask me.

So sure enough this sweet little one in my tummy is a girl. After having 2 boys, my last baby will have cute pony tails and painted toe nails instead of dead frogs in their pockets and toilet seats left up.