Day too many

My baby boy went from 12.11 lbs to a whopping 13.8 lbs in 2 weeks!! I’m so thankful that my kids are healthy.

We shot the rifle today which I’ve never shot in my life and I got 29/30 which is good.

I’m still in the running for Honor Grad! I had my first academic test today and missed 2 out of 60. That means my next test of 90, I can miss 5. This is not for passing, I can miss a lot to pass; this is for honor grad.

I also had my first self-defense evaluation and scenario today which I passed.

For honor grad you have to maintain an academic score of 95%, pass all your self-defense moves on the first try (you get two tries), get an acceptable or highly acceptable on your scenarios, shoot 28/30 on your rifle, 143/150 points on the pistol, and 5/5 on the shotgun and you have to do them all on your first try in addition to knowing how to make them duty carry (ready for work) and clearing the weapon (unloading, ready to put away). Again you get two tries.

I didn’t feel well this afternoon. I think I’m a little dehydrated and very mentally and physically exhausted. The rifle gave me a headache and the headache gave me a stomach ache, etc. And gosh I want to come home. I know it’s only a week left but that seems so long. I miss my kids a lot.

There’s some cool people in my class but there’s so many personalities that I’ve seen mild drama start so I stay back. Amazing what can happen in three weeks. I can’t imagine being one of the branches that are here for 4, 6, or 8 months.

Anyway I’m off to bed. Night.