Hudson's 2nd Birthday

He's two! How in the world did he get to be two? He talks so much and repeats everything. He is very inquisitive and smart. He gets frustrated easily like his mamma but he figures it out. And he likes to "fix" everything. If there's a screw driver around, he's trying to screw in something. If there's a hammer, he's banging on something. If there's a tape measure, he's measuring something.

I call him my little tornado, because, well that's what he is. He can destroy my house in less then 5 minutes. He's your typical two year old as well, lots of tantrums and expressing of frustration.

He might just be the cutest two year old ever! He's learned to say, "I love you" and "I love you too". How can I stay frustrated with a tornado when it does that?

His new thing is walking up and down the stairs counting them and he can get to about 7 or 8, usually skipping 6. Cute!

He melts my heart so much.