Sometimes knowledge isn't power

Or good for that matter.
I was working overnights for what, five months. And on overnights there is A LOT of downtime with nothing to do. I got hooked on the website They had a group board for women due in July. It was neat reading their posts and some of the questions they asked are questions I had.
Now that the baby is here, I have joined the June 2009 birth group.
Again it’s neat to read what other people have to say but I have decided to stay away from the board from here on out. Why? Because there’s too much information. Meaning, the other parents put too much crap in your head. Things lady has a monitor that beeps if your baby stops breathing while sleeping and it HAS went off. Then like 20 other mom’s get on there and talk about how their babies have stopped breathing while sleeping and it’s when they’re in too deep of a sleep they don’t start breathing again and that’s how they die of SIDS. Not cool.
Or how when Caleb was little I breast fed him for a year. I never pumped at work, I just fed him when I got home and on weekends. Never had a second thought about my milk supply and all was fine. Well now with reading these stupid boards and all the moms freaked out about their milk supply, I start thinking about it. If I don’t pump, will I still be able to feed him? What do I do if he likes the bottle better? Do I have enough milk? And these questions are totally stupid because I do pump at work, I do have enough milk so he can have breast milk during the day, he does take a bottle and still nurses and there is no problems.
Do you see what I’m getting at here?
I think I make a much better mother if I don’t read what other mothers have to say. If I have a question I think I’ll stick to asking the pediatrician or a trusted family member. Otherwise, if I continue to read these boards I will develop obsessive compulsive disorder and never sleep again.