Tonight is one of those nights

Whew I'm tired. It wasn't really a busier day then usual but I'm beat.

I am getting Guardianship of Makayla and the last step is a Social Worker has to come see my house and talk to us and her. I spent today picking up the house and just making sure it's in order for her to come. I'm not going to fake it and have my house be completely spotless because well, that's impossible. But I do want it presentable.

I made dinner too. One of us will take the older kid(s) to soccer practice and the other stays home to make dinner and do what needs to be done. So I made taco salad....yummy.

But after all that, my feet hurt and I'm tired.

School starts on Monday for the kiddos so we're trying to establish a routine again around here. They're not too happy about the 9:00 bedtime. I am.

I think I'm rambling on. My dogs are tired and my brain wants to shut off. Oh but one last thing....ok a couple. I got a new computer so as soon as I move into my new house I will get it hooked up and be a much better blogger. And of course there will be many more pictures. This computer is just too much of a pain. We also went to the teeny tiny baby doctor...all looks good, haven't gained a pound (which with Hudson I only gained 2 lbs...weird I know), and if he/she cooperates I'll find out the sex on the 17th of September.

Anyway that's it.


Marci said...

Glad one of us is getting the blog done! I just realized that you are going to have to keep changing the name as you keep adding people to the family! By the way, love the graphics that you used... I might have to steal them!