Gosh I get homesick sometimes. Not for my home but for my hometown. I like Reno…I like it better now that I live a bit out of it. Love my house, neighborhood, conveniences. But man when I go home, to visit my parents, I feel how much I miss it. All my friends are there, my family, all the familiarity. I wish so bad I could live there still.

Caleb has been struggling a bit lately. I sometimes think he’s trying to find his place between the two homes. I know it’s got to be a little hard going back and forth every other week. I try to keep things as normal as possible but I know our houses run differently. We have similar but different rules, we tolerate different things, and we have different schedules. So I’m sure adjusting is a little difficult when you’ve been doing something all week. He’s been craving tons of attention lately and going about it in a very annoying manner. I’ve struggled a bit juggling the two kids and I know his dad has two bigger kids at his house so that’s a lot of attention to share when you’ve been the only kid between two parents for a long time. I have set aside a day every week that Caleb can look forward to no matter what that is just me and him. We are going away from our home/neighborhood and doing something just the two of us. I’m really looking forward to it.

Hudson is thriving! He is growing like he should and then some. He is cute as a button! And those cheeks!!!! Unfortunately I have to quit breastfeeding him. Sucks but I have to go to my academy that I didn’t go to when I started my job because I was pregnant. Its three week in Georgia . I wish I didn’t have to go. That’s a long time to be away from my boys, I’m going to miss them like crazy. So I’ve been slowly introducing him to formula to make sure his tummy can handle it and so my boobs don’t pop. He does fine on it thankfully.

Anyway that’s about it for now. Still trying to get out of custody and get an office job. Seems like it will never happen but keeping my fingers crossed.