27 Weeks

The baby is doing good. I don’t ever remember Caleb stretching and pushing like this one does. Sometimes (a lot) he pushes so hard and it is so intense I can hardly handle it. It doesn’t hurt, it’s just so much pressure it takes my breath away. I had another ultrasound yesterday and he’s still a boy. He had no problem showing us his stuff but he sure in the heck didn’t want us to see his face. The whole time he was wiggling like crazy but refused to look at the front of my belly rather then my back. Silly kid does have a touch of my stubbornness. He weighs about 3 lbs and measured 2 weeks big…so he’s measuring 29 weeks and I’m only 27. So there’s no telling when this kid will come. I absolutely do not want to be induced at all but I don’t want a 10 lb kid. If the time comes and the doc wants to induce me so I don’t have such a big baby, which would be really hard for me. I have a fear of drugs/intervention. Don’t get me wrong, I will do what is necessary to keep the baby and myself safe, it just scares me. I think it’s used entirely too much when it isn’t needed. I have a lot of faith in my body that it knows what to do and I really hope to have him naturally. I have nothing to prove, I just don’t like that stuff. If you can’t tell my mind is starting to think about this upcoming event. I won’t lie; I’m terrified to give birth. I think with Caleb I didn’t have a clue what to expect so it didn’t faze me before hand. But now, now I’m scared.

Anyway here is my 27 week pictures.

26 Weeks

Monday my baby turned 26 weeks. I cannot believe that 6 ½ months have already gone by...well 5 months since I found out about him. There are only 3 full months left until his due date. Am I ready for this? Not sure but I can’t wait to meet him! I think he’ll have brown hair, brown eye brows and dark lashes light.

In my last post, or maybe the one before, I wrote that I don’t really feel pregnant except my expanding belly and him moving. Ya well things have changed. I now feel VERY pregnant and uncomfortable. I forgot how uncomfortable being pregnant is. My belly is starting to get in the way a little, his feet/head/butt/whatever have made their way right into my ribs, and I can’t take a full breath for a long while after I eat. I have had horrible leg cramps too.  I looked up pregnant leg cramps and they said that possibly they’re caused by restricted blood flow to the legs because of the weight of the baby. It recommended lots of water (which I drink), plenty of rest (ya right), warm baths (I can handle that) and sleeping on my left side. Sleeping on my left side has made it easier to fall asleep, otherwise they’re always crampy. I know I don’t get as much sleep as I probably should but I’m starting to feel tired a lot again. I get exhausted pretty easily.

He is moving all the time and his kicks are getting stronger. In church the other day I was looking down and he kicked and I could see it...made me smile. Last night was the same thing at work. Caleb tries to feel him but doesn’t have much patience for keeping his hand there. He’s felt him once and thought it was pretty cool. He seems very excited to have a brother which makes me really happy. I think he’s going to be a fantastic big brother.

Anyway here are some pictures.


The Friday before Easter I grabbed Caleb for a couple hours and we dying our Easter eggs. We had a “lucky egg”, a “humpty dumpty” egg, an egg that says, “If you touch me I’ll break” and we even made a special one for Baby B...among many other colorful ones. I love dying Easter eggs, I don’t think I’ll ever grow out of it.

Saturday evening I rented Bedtime Stories for all of us to watch which is super cute. Caleb loved it! Talk about a movie to get your imagination rolling. I wanted to make up bedtime stories because of this movie.

I got home Sunday morning and slept until Caleb woke up at 9:30. I put a ribbon up so Caleb couldn't pass. So I got the camera ready, let him come through and see his Easter basket and he was thrilled! He said this was one of the best Easter’s ever. High five us!

We proceeded to go to church and listened to a wonderful sermon. I love our pastor and I miss going to church so much. We came home and had an Easter Egg hunt first. The kid even got $5! He was a happy boy!

Dinner was delicious and all of us had a great time. I managed to get in another nap that day but struggled to stay awake at work that night. However, it was completely worth it and I’m glad Caleb had such a great Easter!

Caleb & Baseball

Caleb has started baseball season. So far it’s been a cold cold start. He’s playing Minors this year and has lots to learn. I think he’s rather enjoying himself. Last game I got on him for goofing off and he told me, “But mom there is hardly any time to talk to my friends”. Oh Caleb…Mr. Social.

He’s hesitant on swinging to hit the ball but when he does, he usually connects, at least with a foul. His catching his improving and he’s doing good at backing up third.

I’m quite proud of him and love watching his games

24 Weeks

I had my baby appointment today. I have lost 3 pounds since a month ago. I have gained 0 pounds this whole time. I keep floating between gaining three pounds and loosing three pounds. The only thing that has changed is that I walk a lot at work and up and down the stairs over and over. I figure it’s the only time I have to exercise. There is hardly any fat on me. Not sure where it went, maybe the baby ate it since he is measuring at 28 weeks. Seriously, this kid gets bigger and bigger then he’s supposed to be every time we go in. My very first appointment I thought I was 7 weeks, had the ultrasound and was 9. We had our last ultra sound and he was two weeks bigger then what he should be. And now, he went from measuring at 19 weeks to measuring at 28. I’m only 24 weeks. The doctor hasn’t changed my due date and doesn’t seem concerned.

In 2 ½ weeks I have to do the diabetes test and blood count to make sure I’m not anemic. Then I go to back to the doctor in four weeks.

I can’t believe how fast it’s going. Seriously, I can’t. Here in the next month or so I will be interviewing pediatricians, which I need one for Caleb anyway, signing up for child birth classes, and gathering everything else I need for the baby. At the rate he’s growing who knows when he’ll be here.

I still feel good. He has found my ribs, ahhhh!!!! My back is hurting a tad, and my side muscles feel like they’re already stretched to the max.

So here’s my 24 week pictures, taken on Monday.