December already

Well it’s official, Caleb is nine.
He said that this years birthday was the best birthday ever! I thought I was nuts letting four nine year old boys stay the night but all was well. Only one closet door off track and the Christmas tree is still standing so not bad I’d say.
Yesterday was a snow day which the kids loved! We got a foot of snow and more is expected this Thursday. I didn’t mind it but today, today was COLD! This morning at 6 am it was -23 at my house. Yes, you read that right NEGATIVE 23 degrees. In other words, WAY TOO FREAKING COLD!
Our house is decorated and our tree is very pretty. I need to finish my shopping and get the presents wrapped. I’m sure I say this every year but Christmas came so fast.
Makayla is doing great with us. She is such a blessing to have around.
She’s kind, helpful and loves to play with Caleb & Hudson. I’m very thankful for her.
Hudson is doing great! I love that kid! He has learned to roll from his back to his stomach and has made quite the sport of it. However, he cannot roll from his stomach to his back and hates being on his stomach so he’s in quite a pickle a lot. He babbles and smiles all the time and has taken a liking to blowing raspberries.
Caleb is almost off track again for school and is quite looking forward to the break. He gets rather spoiled when he’s on break...I let him sleep in, lounge around in his jammies and he gets to stay up later watching TV.
So, anything worth sharing going on with any of you?