I Love Rocking My Baby

As I was rocking Huddie to sleep tonight that's what I was thinking about. We are busy busy people, it's unreal. Soccer, work, doctors, getting ready to move, busy. We're always in a rush...I'm constantly telling the kids go go go, hurry, let's go because there's just not time to not be rushed.

Anyway I am usually thinking gotta get the baby down to sleep fast so I can get things ready for tomorrow, get the older kids ready for bed and then get in bed myself by 9 since I wake up so early. And then I start thinking, now we're going to be having another one so I really need to get him to go to sleep on his own in his crib by February since we'll have a  baby to put to sleep too. But seriously, I love rocking him. How often do you get to experience your babies being babies? My "baby" will be 10 in a couple months! I had all the time in the world for him. As a matter of fact he slept with me so instead of rocking him to sleep, I'd snuggle him to sleep.

Shortly after Hudson was born, Makayla came to live with us so suddenly I had two school aged children, a full time job, a house to clean, and a new baby. The thought of making time for all of them was, and sometimes still is, overwhelming. They have such different needs The older ones take more mental energy and the baby takes more physical energy . Plus by the time I get off work after dealing with about 900 of the most difficult people on the planet for 8 hours, I'm sucked dry.

BUT. Yes there is a but. There are a few things...well more then a few things but I'm only listing a few of them...that I absolutely love about making time for my kids.

I love having chats with my oldest son. Whether we're talking about something he got in trouble over, something great he did, something he wants to do, a girl he likes, what he did with friends, whatever. I could talk to him all night.

I love doing girly things with my niece. She likes to have her makeup done, nails painted, and hair done. We giggle and talk about her friends. And she always so much older by the time we're done.

And lastly I love rocking my baby. When I put his tummy to mine and his head lays on my arm and he just stares at me as his eye lids get heavy. I can feel him melt into me when he drifts off.