This and That

Welp Wednesday is my day back to work. I’ve been working really hard on getting into a routine and he’s cooperating pretty good so far. He loves his Mommy and just wants to help out. Or so I like to think.

I’m nervous to go back. I try really hard not to stress and know that everything will just work out but sometimes it gets the best of me. I’m continuing to breast feed and don’t want him to have formula. This means I’m going to be pumping a lot at work so I have to find times to pump. It’s going to be challenging but it’s important to me.

Caleb was sad I was going back to work. I feel the same way. I’m happy that I will be home from work before he gets out of school so the only time he won’t see me is in the mornings and until 2:30 on the weekends. I have Monday, Tuesday off which isn’t bad. What’s nice is he is out of school the whole month of September so it doesn’t matter what my days off are.

I applied for a job at the Depot. They work 4-10’s so I would have every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off. I’m also applying for an Education Technician position at the prison and there should be a Secretary position opening up soon so I’m applying like crazy. Wish me luck!

Can you believe it’s almost Fall??? I can’t! Where does time go? Soon our long summer days will be shorter and the leaves will start to turn. Although it’s pretty, I’m just not ready. I wish I had a button to slow down time! I have to say my favorite thing about fall is the pumpkin patch though. And think of all the pictures I will be getting this year!!!

What’s your favorite thing?