Savannah was beautiful! You can see the history in each street, it’s amazing. The parks are covered with Live Oaks and hover over the streets and the park. Each park has some sort of monument to honor the civil war veterans or the slaves or something. Very serene.

We’re going back on Friday to do a ghost walk of Savannah…scary and fun! Can’t wait!

It was fun to hang out with myself most of the weekend. I slept in, caught up on my shows thanks to I went to the mall, I seen a movie, it was really nice. I miss my baby so much though. I miss Caleb too. A lot. But I can talk to them on the phone (which I have…lots) and they talk back. Plus they’re older. But , gosh I miss him. I hope he remembers me when I get back. I talk to him on the phone…he’ll stop talking or whining and listen to me so hopefully he’ll remember my voice.

Week one of the academy went by fast. Our first test is this Thursday so I’ve been studying a lot.  I had a little more fun and I hit the target every time so that’s a plus. Ha! I like the self-defense. Very basic but fun none the less.

So I’m just trucking along. And in the South, everyone is nice. Seriously. I might even come back saying Y’al!