7 months!

Oh man Hudson is doing so many things! He will be seven months old in a few days. Where in the world did seven months go??!!

He’s on the verge of crawling. He gets on his stomach, puts his head down and tries so hard to put his knees under him. Also while on his stomach he lifts his chest and head up and spins. It’s so funny. If we hold his hands he can walk across the room. He used to just tap dance when we did this, now he will put one foot in front of the other. He sits up too. He can’t get himself in a sitting position but he sits there on his own for a while. He’s figured out how to throw fits and he very much knows who mom is. He loves his Bubby (Caleb) and Lala (Makayla). He likes to watch them play rather then actually play with them. He finally slept through the night last night. I finally started letting him cry at night (not a long time) and each day he sleeps more and more without waking up.

Again, where did seven months go??