24 Weeks

I had my baby appointment today. I have lost 3 pounds since a month ago. I have gained 0 pounds this whole time. I keep floating between gaining three pounds and loosing three pounds. The only thing that has changed is that I walk a lot at work and up and down the stairs over and over. I figure it’s the only time I have to exercise. There is hardly any fat on me. Not sure where it went, maybe the baby ate it since he is measuring at 28 weeks. Seriously, this kid gets bigger and bigger then he’s supposed to be every time we go in. My very first appointment I thought I was 7 weeks, had the ultrasound and was 9. We had our last ultra sound and he was two weeks bigger then what he should be. And now, he went from measuring at 19 weeks to measuring at 28. I’m only 24 weeks. The doctor hasn’t changed my due date and doesn’t seem concerned.

In 2 ½ weeks I have to do the diabetes test and blood count to make sure I’m not anemic. Then I go to back to the doctor in four weeks.

I can’t believe how fast it’s going. Seriously, I can’t. Here in the next month or so I will be interviewing pediatricians, which I need one for Caleb anyway, signing up for child birth classes, and gathering everything else I need for the baby. At the rate he’s growing who knows when he’ll be here.

I still feel good. He has found my ribs, ahhhh!!!! My back is hurting a tad, and my side muscles feel like they’re already stretched to the max.

So here’s my 24 week pictures, taken on Monday.