27 Weeks

The baby is doing good. I don’t ever remember Caleb stretching and pushing like this one does. Sometimes (a lot) he pushes so hard and it is so intense I can hardly handle it. It doesn’t hurt, it’s just so much pressure it takes my breath away. I had another ultrasound yesterday and he’s still a boy. He had no problem showing us his stuff but he sure in the heck didn’t want us to see his face. The whole time he was wiggling like crazy but refused to look at the front of my belly rather then my back. Silly kid does have a touch of my stubbornness. He weighs about 3 lbs and measured 2 weeks big…so he’s measuring 29 weeks and I’m only 27. So there’s no telling when this kid will come. I absolutely do not want to be induced at all but I don’t want a 10 lb kid. If the time comes and the doc wants to induce me so I don’t have such a big baby, which would be really hard for me. I have a fear of drugs/intervention. Don’t get me wrong, I will do what is necessary to keep the baby and myself safe, it just scares me. I think it’s used entirely too much when it isn’t needed. I have a lot of faith in my body that it knows what to do and I really hope to have him naturally. I have nothing to prove, I just don’t like that stuff. If you can’t tell my mind is starting to think about this upcoming event. I won’t lie; I’m terrified to give birth. I think with Caleb I didn’t have a clue what to expect so it didn’t faze me before hand. But now, now I’m scared.

Anyway here is my 27 week pictures.


Annie said...

I hear ya on on not being induced! I've only heard bad things about that stuff! Don't worry about the birth. I'm sure it will be beautiful and you'll do great.

Marci said...

Please don't hesitate to get an epidural or spinal... it doesn't make you more of a woman to bare the pain... get one, and get it early :o)