Seriously, that’s the one word that comes to mind as I write this. I feel like I finally have time to actually write a blog.

Caleb is feeling much better, poor kid. He still has the head cold but the flu part has surpassed. What a trooper huh?

It was hard coming back to reality and a seven day work week after vacation but I’m hanging in there.

I’m 23 weeks pregnant today. I can’t believe how quickly it has already gone by. My stomach is defiantly sticking out (and starting to be very noticeable when I forget it’s there) and he is moving all the time. Every time Caleb tries to feel him move he stops moving. It’s amusing....this one has my stubborn streak as well.

I’ve been feeling much much better. I still have the sinuses and cough a little but nothing major. I think it helps finally being able to get adequate rest. Other then tiredness I feel good. I almost wouldn’t know I was pregnant if he didn’t move and my belly wasn’t there. My next doctor’s appointment is on the 2nd.

Now that life has settled down and I’m on the same shift for the remainder of my pregnancy, you can expect more frequent blogs from me.