26 Weeks

Monday my baby turned 26 weeks. I cannot believe that 6 ½ months have already gone by...well 5 months since I found out about him. There are only 3 full months left until his due date. Am I ready for this? Not sure but I can’t wait to meet him! I think he’ll have brown hair, brown eye brows and dark lashes light.

In my last post, or maybe the one before, I wrote that I don’t really feel pregnant except my expanding belly and him moving. Ya well things have changed. I now feel VERY pregnant and uncomfortable. I forgot how uncomfortable being pregnant is. My belly is starting to get in the way a little, his feet/head/butt/whatever have made their way right into my ribs, and I can’t take a full breath for a long while after I eat. I have had horrible leg cramps too.  I looked up pregnant leg cramps and they said that possibly they’re caused by restricted blood flow to the legs because of the weight of the baby. It recommended lots of water (which I drink), plenty of rest (ya right), warm baths (I can handle that) and sleeping on my left side. Sleeping on my left side has made it easier to fall asleep, otherwise they’re always crampy. I know I don’t get as much sleep as I probably should but I’m starting to feel tired a lot again. I get exhausted pretty easily.

He is moving all the time and his kicks are getting stronger. In church the other day I was looking down and he kicked and I could see it...made me smile. Last night was the same thing at work. Caleb tries to feel him but doesn’t have much patience for keeping his hand there. He’s felt him once and thought it was pretty cool. He seems very excited to have a brother which makes me really happy. I think he’s going to be a fantastic big brother.

Anyway here are some pictures.