This & That

I’m so happy to see Caleb tonight. It’s been too long…a whole week and a half. My niece is going to be staying a week with us and going to summer camp with Caleb. She’s totally excited. She’s a tomboy but man when she comes to my house, she gets into my hair stuff, makeup, nail polish, last night while I was playing on the computer she came out in my knee high boots and one of my dresses asking if she could wear it to church. Cracks me up.

I’m at an open house right now waiting for people to come through. I can’t wait to own a house someday; it seems so far away though. I will be on project mode galore when that time comes. Sometimes it’s so frustrating, I feel like  I work so hard but am stuck in the middle income rut. Oh well I just keep praying and working at it.

When I get back home today I am going to be in power cleaning mode! My house is showing the affects of my work week. I’m tired and out of clean clothes. I’ve been home long enough to eat, change, and sleep.

Anyway, I need to make my grocery list…have a great weekend!