Because I like to.....

Have you gone shopping lately?? Like grocery shopping? Not only is gas ridiculous, but groceries have gone up majorly! Holy smokes! I spent way too much money on hardly anything the other day. We might be going to beans and rice come next month. Seriously, man!

I had my first session with my personal trainer today and wow…I needed him! I am so ridiculously out of shape! He says I can reach my goal in six months if I stick to it. We shall see…I’m more optimistic now then I was 20 minutes into the session. Ha!

What ever happened to the day when there was music on CMT, MTV, & VH1??? It’s all movies and reality shows now. We need some good ol’ sitcoms back on!!!!
Caleb was cute today. Annoying but cute….most of our day went something like this:

Caleb: Ok mom, anyone who says “What” is a huge nerd!

--Seven hours later—

Caleb: Mom!

Me: Yes Caleb ?(See, I remembered!)

Caleb: Mom!

Me: Yes Caleb?

Caleb: Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mooooommmm! Mom! Mom! Mom!


Caleb: Gotcha!

Gotta love annoying seven year olds!


Polgara said...

Ha ha that's funny, suppose i've got all this to come :0)
Pol x

MsPicketToYou said...

he is committed to the joke and I like that

CassieHumble said...

That is too funny. Hey, awesome that you're working with a trainer. I hope you reach your goals!