I think they plot against me

In general I only have three rules in my home:

1. Pick up after yourself.
2. Be nice.
3. Once you’re in bed, stay in bed and go to sleep. (just so we’re clear, my BIGGEST pet peeve is when my child gets up or needs something after bed, yes this may make me the worlds worst mom but I don’t care, once you’re in bed it is my much needed Lynsey time and I only get a short amount of it so if you need a drink that you didn’t get before bed then that takes five minutes of my time, then I only have 25 left, and if you are scared, well then that takes the remaining 25 and now I have no me time…get my drift?)

So having two kids in my home right now has presented a lot of, well, arguing over these three rules. I personally think they’re very simple, not complicated what so ever. They on the other hand have the need to defy EVERY.SINGLE.ONE.OF.THEM. over and over and over….oh and over.

They’re cousins, not brother and sister but you wouldn’t know the difference. Seriously, they cannot be nice to each other more then 5 minutes, if that. The other one is always wrong, one is constantly interrupting the other one which in turn turns into a huge emotional breakdown of “She’s always interrupting me!” ‘sob’ ‘sob’ ‘sob’. And then when Thing two trips for the 100th time in an hour, she gets upset because Thing one laughs at her.

In a matter of ten minutes, I can tell you where at in the house (or yard) they were, what they were doing (or eating) and that they’ve moved on to create another mess. And yes, I’m the mean mom who interrupts what they are doing to make you come inside and put their dishes in the sink or hang up their bathing suite. Yep I’m totally un-fun.

But you know, having two around the house means different conversations and perspectives. Like while Caleb was playing on the computer, Makayla went through old future embarrassment pictures with me and laughed and laughed and laughed. And breakfast isn’t just C and I sitting there saying three words to each other.

It’s kind of nice.


MsPicketToYou said...

pros and cons: story of my life.

also, the bedtime leaving thing: i HATE that too.