A heart attack at 25

I don’t like to leave my cat out after dark for fear of Coyotes getting her. Which I really shouldn’t be scared of since she is the b*tch on the block and thinks she can tackle dogs 5 times her size...and rabbits…and bugs….and birds…etc. Anyway, I went out last night about 10ish (after dark) to hunt her down and bring her in. I usually go out front, say “Kitty Kitty” a few times and she comes running meowing the whole way.

After 2 minutes of “Here Kitty Kitty” nothing. Not a sign. So crossing my mind that a Coyote was hungry I went out back to incase she was playing in the fields behind our house. I call out again and I hear a slight sound…I look over and the cat is under the patio table playing with something.

I go over to her, lean down, and see something that almost looks like a hair tie—now remember, it’s dark outside and I didn’t turn on the porch light. I reach my hand down to grab it and it jumped at me and that is the moment I almost peed my pants because it was a snake. I grabbed the cat, ran into the house screaming, threw the cat across the living room (litterly) and slammed the slider door closed!

And I don’t care what anyone says, when this snake jumped at me, it was 100 feet long and 20 feet around. I swear.


Polgara said...

What a fright!
Was the cat making friends??
Pol x