Day 4

Hudson is wonderful! He is an amazing baby. Seriously he only cries when he’s hungry and occasionally when we’re changing him. He eats (and eats very well….my boobs may be small but they have plenty of milk) every two hours, almost on the dot. About every other feeding he wakes up for two hours and is so content just looking around. He sleeps all night in between feedings…it’s me that has issues with getting up early…can’t seem to sleep long. But my boy and I do take a nap a bit later. He loves to cuddle on my chest to nap.

He had his checkup with the Pediatrician yesterday. I really like her. He lost 1.5 oz which she said isn’t bad; babies usually loose more……told you he eats well. She was worried he’d get jaundice since he was so bruised but no signs of it thankfully. All seems well with the blood sugar, she wasn’t worried about him only breastfeeding.

I miss my other baby and can’t wait to see him Sunday. He starts 4th grade Monday. I can’t believe it, my baby is starting 4th grade! He is having a blast at his Grandparents! I can’t wait for him to meet his brother too. He’s going to be such a good big brother.

So anyway, enjoy the pictures.


Unknown said...

Ohhhh, he's so cute! :)