34 Weeks

I’m exhausted. I get wore out really easy and most of the day I just want to sleep. I don’t know if my stomach, well specifically my side muscles, can stretch anymore. I don’t have any new stretch marks and the ones I had from Caleb are the same. No line down my belly either. So those are good things. There are a few funky things I’ve noticed though. My eyebrows feel the need to go down; they will not brush up for anything! I’ve tried hairspray and an eyebrow brush and nothing; they want to go down! My belly has collected quite the hair too and now it’s starting to get darker. I remember it doing the same thing with Caleb.

About a week ago the baby dropped and although I was having some contractions, the feeling of him made it feel like I was having lots. I got checked out and all is well. I can decipher the difference between him and a contraction now I think. They’re really sporadic and not consistent at all so no worries. I didn’t know that they would drop this early. I thought it was like a week or so before that they drop but he is definitely in my pelvic bone. Not comfortable at all! And last night at dinner he found my sciatic nerve, Oh My Gosh! It was a long long sleeping night.

He is still tossing and turning like there is no tomorrow. He’ll move almost three days straight and then not move much at all for like a day and a half. Crazy kid.

My baby shower is this Saturday and after that I will be ready for him to come whenever he chooses. If I had to guess he won’t wait until his due date. I can’t wait to meet him and cuddle him and nurse him and just have him around. I can’t wait to see the big brother Caleb will be. Sure it’ll be nice to do away with the discomforts of being pregnant but really, I’m just excited for him to be here.

I’m still working unfortunately. I plan to work up until he comes but it is getting harder and harder so we’ll see. I can’t wait to do away with my duty belt. I wear it under my belly but my butt doesn’t stick out enough to hold it up so I’m always holding it with my hand. I have no where else for my keys or radio though so I have to wear it.

I moved into my new house and I love it. There’s so much room!!! Plus living RIGHT next door to a park is a huge perk! Caleb loves it! I have Makayla for this week and they have fully taken advantage of it. It’s much nicer being only 32 minutes away from work compared to an hour. If we have a good relief we’re home by 6:30 in the morning, its great!

Caleb is finished with school and enjoying his summer so far. He made great grades! I’m so proud of him. Next week he gets to do a baseball camp he’s really looking forward to. It’s so hard to believe he’s going to be a fourth grader now.

Anyway that’s it for now; sorry for the delay in posts…I’ve been tired and trying to get my house together. Adios!


Marci said...

Hey! You look FABULOUS! I am so sorry that I won't make your shower... We are leaving Friday morning on vacation... bummer... I'll just wait until he is born & then drive up there... I'm so excited for you!