35 Weeks

Only 5 weeks left! I can’t believe it!

I went to the doctor yesterday, all is good. I lost one pound so I’m officially up 4 lbs total. But my stomach grew 6 inches in 3 weeks so he’s good. I was a little concerned because he hasn’t been nearly as active as he was so the doc did a NST (non-stress test) and the baby is not stressed.

The baby shower was wonderful. I will post pictures soon; don’t have time before work right now to load them on my computer. Emily and Haley were so creative and it looked adorable! I am thankful to everyone who came.

I spent most of my weekend washing baby clothes, blankets, etc. I ordered a dresser for him that should be in in about a week or so. Uget the crib at the first of July but the cradle is all set up and ready to go.

I’m really nervous yet really excited! We meet with a pediatrician on Tuesday and I’m hoping to schedule a tour of the hospital as well. I’m trying to get everything in order and done.

Caleb started his baseball camp yesterday and I quote, “It’s almost the most fun I’ve had in my whole life, but not quite.” He’s learning and having fun so I’m really happy about that. He only has a couple more weeks before he starts school so he’s trying to make the most of it!

Well here is a 35 week picture…enjoy!


Unknown said...

You look so beautiful!

I'm so sorry I couldn't come to your shower...my baby sister's baby shower was that same weekend...in Gardnerville.