Update on the kids

So my little girl has had zero problems since her little hospital scare. Last Wednesday, 2 weeks old, she weighed in at 5 lbs even and 18.5 inches. I was so excited when they weighed her!

She's doing fabulous. Her face is filling in more, she is now in newborn (the smaller ones anyway) clothing and diapers, no more preemie. Her hair is growing in more and it is a shade somewhere in between dirty brown and dark blonde. Her eyelashes are long and light and her eyebrows are light. She's gorgeous. I'm so so so in love with her.

She eats about every 2 hours on the dot which helps her grow but makes for tiring nights. The nights are hit or miss whether she wants to sleep at first or not. By 4 am I'm usually completely beat.

Hudson is doing good. At the doctor as well he weighed in at a whopping 25 lbs. His eye lashes are long as ever (see photo below) and he is so gorgeous. He always gets the old ladies attention at the grocery store or restaurants. He's doing pretty good with the baby. He likes to go up to her and rub her head and say, "baby". When he walks in a room she's in, he always wants to look at her and says, "baby". We've been taking him on walks, or should I say runs....he runs the entire time, wants to play in the dirt, throws rocks, such a boy. He is however, as I like to call him, a tornado. Goodness that child wears me out!

Makayla is doing good as well. All A's and B's so far except one grade that should be a B when her teacher posts the grade. Report cards come out at the end of this month and I know she's excited to have such good grades. It hasn't been easy to keep her at A's and B's and she's been very frustrated with me. But she did what was needed and succeeded. She has joined a Bridge Club (the card game) at school. She loves it! She's been going to birthday parties and slumber parties and talks about how much she loves having her friends.

Caleb's been struggling lately. He has always been the child that requires more attention and he so doesn't go with the flow easily. He also gets overwhelmed very easily. I have changed the saying from, 'if mamma ain't happy, nobody's happy' to 'if Caleb ain't happy, no one is happy'. He has been so disrespectful to us lately. I'm trying so hard but it doesn't seem to be working. He did this some when Hudson was born and so I'm sure it has a lot to do with Hanley being born. His grades are great, he has A's and B's. His have been easy to keep up, he's very smart and loves getting good grades. He's starting the Bridge club as well and is pretty excited about it. I'm very proud of him too.

So anyway that's our update for now...big little one wants lunch and little one is crying.