So Friday my little girl scared the crud out of me!

Shortly after she fed she spit up. Then she proceeded to choke on the spit up...I got the bulb syringe and sucked out her mouth the best I could. It was really mucusy. Well after she quit choking, she quit breathing. She didn't breath for about 15-20 seconds and then would gasp for air. She did this over and over. She did it for about 10 minutes and then once she started to recover a bit she would hold her breath and then gasp for air some more (Not quite as intense as the first 10 minutes). She was rushed her to the ER. And let me tell you, when you show up with a premature 4 lb baby with breathing problems, you get seen IMMEDIATELY.

By this time she was back to breathing normally. They hooked her up to the monitors to watch. She They ran tests of RSV and the flu and took a chest x-ray, which all came out negative for anything thankfully. Her oxygen kept going down so they did supplement her with some. They were debating on whether or not to keep her overnight. I was so nervous to bring her back home. The doctor's were debating because even with her oxygen dipping some, she was doing good. And up in the Pediatric part there were several babies with RSV and the Flu and they didn't want her to get it. We ended up going home.

The Pediatrician thinks that because her body/nervous system are still immature, when she choked she "overreacted" and didn't quite know how to handle it.

I have never been so scared with my kids. Caleb did something similar once, which scared the crud out of me too, but he was a bit older and ended up having RSV.

I cannot tell you how thankful I am she is fine. And how tired I am.