Wanna see what we did last week??

We, well no, Caleb had a bike crash. A pretty bad one. I got a call  about 1/2 hour before I got off work saying Caleb had crashed his bike and the firemen were checking him out while waiting on the ambulance. Needless to say I rushed out of work as quick as I could.

Not too sure what caused the crash but his head caught his fall and his stomach gave his handle bars somewhere to go. His bottom teeth went into his top lip, he's lucky he didn't break his nose. It's a little swollen in this picture but not too bad. He did have a killer fat lip though. He had a huge goose egg where he fell on his head and a really bad bruise on his stomach from his handle bars.

I took him to the ER just incase since he didn't have a helmet on (ya, super happy about that one--not!). They did a cat scan on his head and stomach which turned out fine. They also did an x-ray on his elbow and it looks like he fractured it. He has a follow up appt. on Tuesday and we should know more. But for now he gets to wear this half cast....

...which he hates. The coolness of having a cast wore off quick!