Stuff. Always stuff.

Ok so I have lots of pictures to post, I just have to find my camera cord to load them on the computer. I haven't been able to find them since we moved. Which by the way, the house closed! I am a officially home owner. It's pretty exciting too, it's my first home I've ever bought.  However I bought it at the busiest time ever and have yet to get very much done/put away. I have little squares of paint colors on my walls trying to decide. I hope I can get the whole downstairs done by Thanksgiving.

So the pregnancy is going good. I will be 6 months on the 5th and it's flying by. I have no idea how my side muscles are going to possibly stretch anymore. I am much bigger with baby girl then I was with Hudson. She is moving all the time and starting to do the uncomfortable pushing to the point I feel like my belly is going to pop.

Hudson is doing great. Talking so much. He has learned his belly, nose, and ear and says them all. He is repeating so much and the older ones love teaching him things. He's so loveable and those eyes keep getting me every day. He is in to EVERYTHING! Oh my gosh, he'll knock over the trash and while I'm picking up the trash he pulls all the shoes off the rack. Then while I'm picking up the shoes he's pulling all his baby wipes out of their case. You get the drift. It's driving me nuts!

I'll try to give an update on the older kids here soon but I want to wait for report cards to do that.