My doctor's appointment Thursday went good.

I heard the very lovely heart beat, nice and strong. S/he'd been moving around like crazy all day so I was hoping s/he'd be asleep by the appointment so the doc didn't have to go chasing around the heart beat like I can remember with Caleb. Oh Caleb, how he have always been a busy soul.

My blood pressure was nice and low, 80/50 and I had lost 3 lbs since my appointment. But the doc says everything is fine, my belly measures fine and all is well.

I have my ultrasound on March 6th. I'm so excited. I can't wait for Caleb to see his little brother or sister and of course I can't wait to see him or her either! So stay tuned as I'll be sure to share!

I was more exhausted than I thought I was. I knew I was tired but didn't realize how tired. I was home Wed by 7 am, went to bed and woke up to do something and then went back to bed and slept until four when it was time to get Caleb. I went back to bed at like 11 pm, woke up at 8:30 on Thursday to take Caleb to school and went back to sleep until 2:30 when it was time to get ready for my doc appointment. Then went to bed at 11pm, slept until 8:30 am Friday, got up to take Caleb to school and woke up in horrible pain (will explain in a few). Called doc and went back to bed until 1:00 pm. And now I'm at work hoping the night goes by quick. I don't know if it's being sick or just plain exhaustion but I can't tell you how much I needed the sleep.

So this morning (Friday) I woke up, rolled out of bed, stood up and hunched My first thought was my bladder infection had turned into a kidney infection. I called the doc, he wanted to see me later so I tried to sleep. Of course I was nervous what it was and couldn't walk so I felt it best to stay in bed. We went to the doc later that afternoon and he informed me that he's pretty sure I tore an oblique muscle. ??????? I asked if this was common, he said no. He said it takes 4-6 weeks to heal and I need to be very careful. He actually wanted to give me Valium to knock me out for a full 24 hours and let me muscles fully relax. I told him I didn't think I would be able to donate a full 24 hours to that although it didn't sound half bad. So he told me to stay off work until further notice and let it heal. I didn't argue but after the appointment  I decided that since there is no harm to the baby or necessarily myself (other then pain) and I don't have much leave time that I would go to work anyway. I work overnight so it's not exactly strenuous. Just a couple counts and some searches. I'd live.

I hope I never do this to a muscle again. Man this hurts!


Annie said...

Oh no! I can't even imagine how busy your life is right now and your cooking a baby on top of that!

I hope you feel better in time for your wedding. It's coming up quick!

Stephanie said...

March 6 is a very special day to me! How exciting. Sorry about the pain you are in - you poor thing. I'm glad that you got some sleep. Oh how I wish that I could go home and sleep today!! I have been extremely tired lately. Glad you got to hear the heartbeat!!!! :)

Stephanie said...

Oh and I can't believe how soon your wedding is going to be!!! YAY!