18 Weeks

I’ve had this on-going head cold that just won’t go away! I’m so tired of it. It starts to let up and I think it’s going away and then it comes back stronger. There are so many people that have it and are just as irritated about it as me.

I’ve been horrible at returning emails and phone calls. I’ve never been this bad. I’m just tired, sick.

Caleb is doing great. I measured him the other day and he is 4’ 8”. My eight year old is almost 5 feet tall! And handsome as ever.

The baby is growing and move around lots. Especially at night which probably isn’t good. My kid is going to have issues with when to sleep and when to not. Ha! S/he likes to stretch out in my tummy---not the most comfortable feeling in the world. My stomach is definitely expanding. My work pants are about to go out the door and on to the next size. Along with most of my jeans!

Tomorrow is my doctor’s appointment. I’m 18 weeks as of last Monday. Can’t believe that I’m already 4 ½ months along! I will be getting back the results of my seven tubes of blood I donated---7 tubes!!!! This was the Cystic Fibrosis test, Down syndrome and pre-screening. They scared me though when they called me on Monday leaving a message to return his call.

Anyway, here are a couple pictures for you. Yes I’m lingering around in sweats and yes someday I will take a good full picture but for now…here you are.


Marci said...

Geez...quite a belly already... your face looks really thin though... Can't wait for the wedding!

Unknown said...

You look great! I hope you feel better soon :)

Stephanie said...

You look awesome! It is insane how quick time is flying. You are almost half way done and I am almost about to pop mine out!

Stephanie said...

Oh! And I got a TON of bladder infections the beginning of my pregnancy.