Dear Caleb, Eight Years

Apparently I forgot to hit Publish yesterday when I wrote this.

Today. Today is the day you’ve been waiting for. Today you’re eight. Holy smokes eight!

Eight years ago I held you for the first time in my arms and when you finished screaming your head off you just stared at me and I back. I studied your face, your eyes, your ears, all of you. Wondering what you would be like when you got older. And here you are, half way to a full blown teenager.

Some things I predicted. Such as your strong head and your cute blonde hair. Some things have taken me by surprise though. Like your height.

I’ve noticed a lot over this past year how much you really have grown up. You’re in to big boy things, although you still like some toys such as Legos and the occasional hot wheel or Ninja Turtle figure.

I think it’s funny how you think girls have coodies. I promise not all of them do.

You’re not totally into girls yet but you do think a few of them are cute. You’re funny because you are scared to tell her. You are totally a ladies man too! You’ve got what, three girls “in love” with you. I have a feeling this will not cease anytime soon.

You have gained quite the since of humor in the past year too. Just recently you actually started to take the jokes too and not just give them left and right.

Son I am truly blessed that I have got to spend these past eight years with you. You are an amazing soul with a strong, gentle heart.

Happy Birthday baby boy!