7 Weeks

Sorry the pictures aren't uploading. To come later!

How your baby's growing:

The big news this week: Hands and feet are emerging from developing arms and legs — although they look more like paddles at this point than the tiny, pudgy extremities you're daydreaming about holding and tickling. Technically, your baby is still considered an embryo and has something of a small tail, which is an extension of her tailbone. The tail will disappear within a few weeks, but that's the only thing getting smaller. Your baby has doubled in size since last week and now measures half an inch long, about the size of a blueberry. Growing fast!

If you could see inside your womb, you'd spot eyelid folds partially covering her peepers, which already have some color, Green? as well as the tip of her nose and tiny veins beneath parchment-thin skin. Both hemispheres of your baby's brain are growing, And I'm sure will be incredibly intelligent! and her liver is churning out red blood cells until her bone marrow forms and takes over this role. She also has an appendix and a pancreas, which will eventually produce the hormone insulin to aid in digestion. A loop in your baby's growing intestines is bulging into her umbilical cord, which now has distinct blood vessels to carry oxygen and nutrients to and from her tiny body. Amazing how this can happen to something so tiny.

How your life's changing:

Your uterus has doubled in size in the past five weeks, Still not showing! and eating may feel like a chore — or worse — thanks to morning sickness, which by now may be in full swing. Today I felt ok but the past week I wasn't feeling so hot and one day threw up four times! (If you're feeling fine, don't worry — you're lucky! Whatever! I don't have too many nice words for expectant mothers' who don't get sick!)

You may need to pee more than usual, Uh a lot more! too, thanks to your increasing blood volume and the extra fluid being processed through your kidneys. (By now, you already have about 10 percent more blood than you did before you were pregnant. Didn't know that! And by the end of your pregnancy, you'll have 40 to 45 percent more blood running through your veins to meet the demands of your full-term baby.) As your uterus grows, pressure on your bladder will send you to the bathroom as well. Oh yes I remember that well.

About half of the women who feel nauseated during the first trimester will find complete relief by about 14 weeks. Great, only 7 more weeks of it to go. For most of the rest, it'll take another month or so for the queasiness to ease up. It's unlikely, though, that the need to pee more than usual will ease up. In fact, research shows that both the frequency and volume of urine tends to increase over the course of pregnancy.

And the tiredness. Oh my goodness! I have been SO tired
! Like I could sleep ALL DAY LONG!

So I think I finally feel pregnant. The nausea sucks big time!!! I pray I don’t have it as much as last time!!!

I’ve had lots of little stretchy sharp pains in my lower abdomen. Especially when I sneeze or cough. He or she is a growing kid.

I’m still not showing but that’s ok, I still need to keep it quiet from work for another couple months if possible.

And I swear I can smell everything under the sun strongly. I don’t remember ever getting that with Caleb.

Anyway that’s it!


Marci said...

Hey you... I had the 'smell' thing sooo bad... I can totally relate. So have the wedding plans changed or are you getting married when you are almost to term or what? It wouldn't be the first time in our family! Just kidding! I need your new address for a Christmas card okay?