Yes we're alive!

I survived another week with two kids! Good job me!  They were like fabulous until the weekend I went camping again. And then, then they decided that they had to be as mean as possible to each other and spoil all the fun and bite each other’s heads off until their mouths were stuffed like chipmunks and then they missed each other like crazy when Makayla went back home.

Camping was kind of boring this time…Linda & Bob couldn’t go afterall and no one else could on short notice. But I did enjoy the time I spent with the kids (when they were nice).

Next week is my vacation and I am SO SO SO ready!! Nothing big planned. C and I will be spending a lot of quality time together and if he gets it his way there will be a lot of cartoons involved. And if I get it my way there will be a lot of TLC, HGTV, and some good movies involved.