Holy smokes it’s been busy (story of my life). I had a really really great weekend and not one picture to prove it! After getting some unrealistic people that put me in tears by the end of Friday, I am much much better and the weekend only continued to get better.

Friday night my son found a new best friend. A co-worker came over who thought it would be ok to play just one game with my son. Ha! One game? Hello they’re like total BFF’s now and Caleb wants to do this and that and this and that. One game, never offer to play just ONE game with a seven year old, prepare for like 200!

Saturday I spent with the kids—went to the park by the river and watched Caleb float down then walk up, then float down, and walk up, and float down, and walk up…………..and float down, and walk up. We also enjoyed watching the tubers (which we are totally going to do) go down the river…one guy ‘s ice chest got away and was yelling and yelling for someone to catch it….other’s were a little more careful—one guy had a baby floatie with a shade tied to his tube and his ice chest inside. Smart guy! Protect the beer!

Later that night I had a bbq which no one showed up to except my two single cute friends, geee how ironic is that?? *smile* I swear I did not do this on purpose!

I haven’t laughed as much as I laughed Sat night in a long long time! It was that laugh were your ab muscles tighten up and you can’t breath and your face freezes! Half the time I didn’t even know what was so funny, but man it was hilarious! We all played some DDR (Dance Dance Revolution), Twister, and Yatzee!

Then Sunday, we finished off the weekend at the waterslides! Note to self…always bring a friend for your child. C got bored pretty quick cause I'm uncool and can’t run 50 mph in every direction. But then we ran into our friends  and the boys all hung out and we all traded kids so we could go down the different slides!

C’s getting brave at his old age but still has some fear in him…so me being the sweet, sympathetic mother I am offered him $20 cash to go down the Black Widow (scary one). At first he said that no amount of money is worth facing his fear. And then he pulled out the Bible, THE BIBLE!—“The Bible says that money is not important!” No, I’m not going to hell, geese!

But after all day and much consideration, right as we were leaving he decided to do it. So he headed up the stairs, tube in hand while I waited at the bottom to witness his fear. (See, totally sympathetic!) They come flying out of there, Caleb stands up and screams with his arms up like a champ “That was Awesome!” Then he slowly walks over to me, looks at me like a long lost puppy would and says, “Do I still get the $20?” like he thought he wouldn’t since he loved it!

Ya, I’m so not making deals like that anymore!


Chelsi said...

It sounds like you were busy busy busy! But for the most part all out of fun!!! Im so learning from this and NOT EVER BETTING KADIN! lol