Happy 4th of July

I like that my children are getting older so I can do lots of fun things with them. It was kind of challenging last year as well as the year before. So this year we went to Susanville to have a BBQ and watch the races. Sadly Caleb was not there, hopefully next year. We all dressed up to celebrate (not in public of course, we changed, only the kids could pull that off) They sure did look cute though didn't they? Hudson had an okay time at the races...he was ready for something new a ways in to it. He got his way by 'needing' to go potty 800 times. However when it came time for the fireworks he was in awe. And Susanville always does a great job. At the fairgrounds we got a spot on the ground next to the grandstands and the fireworks came down right over us. Loved it! 

Hanley didn't participate in the fireworks but she sure did look cute.