Drama Queen

Hi my name is Hanley and I do NOT like the doctor. The second she came in the room and looked at me I started screaming. And screaming. And screaming. And screaming. And when she touched me, OMG! And then, then this horrible horrible doctor went and gave me two shots!! What was she thinking?! Doesn’t she know I’m a princess and princesses do NOT have to have shots? Don’t worry though, I think I screamed so loud and so much that she will never want me in her office again. The sucker wasn’t nearly enough to make this whole traumatic experience ever go away. I mean who does that? Gives shots and then tries to bribe the child with a sucker.
The doctor said that I only weigh 17 lbs, 14 oz so basically I’ve gained 13 lbs since I was born. Funny, I eat so much food now you think I’d weigh a lot more. It must be my height; I mean at 29 inches already surely I’m meant to be a basketball superstar.
My mom thought she’d be sweet and take my brothers and me to a buffet afterwards. Little was she aware me and Hudson had other plans. Destructive plans. While Hudson kept getting in trouble for kicking brother, crawling under the table, and trying to throw his food, I thought it would be fun to see how many drinks I could knock over before mom noticed. Once she noticed she went and got all upset so I had to make it clear it was not acceptable to tell me to knock it off. Again, princesses are not told what to do. Since Hudson kept up his attention deterrents I thought I’d cut mom a break and stick to putting grapes in her drink instead. What fun that was! We thought we were having tons of fun but then I started to notice Mom and Bubby’s eyes were criss-crossing and I think I even saw a vein pop out of her forehead! I guess we pushed it too far since she made us get in the stroller and leave. We didn’t even get to have dessert, how unfair is that?! Don’t worry I let her know how I felt about that all the way home.
*Mom’s note: The princess has another doctor’s appointment in 2 months. I think someone else may accompany her to that one.*