12/3/11-Caleb's Birthday

11 years ago I gave birth to a healthy 7 lbs, 8 ounce little boy. He was gorgeous and I remember thinking, "you're going to be amazing." And sure enough, 11 years later he is indeed amazing.

He wanted a roller skating party and that is what we did. They were in the rink doing tricks, skating backwards, playing all kinds of games. We had some yummy cake and opened presents. He made out with the Nerf guns and money. He was a happy child.

He never seems to lack when it comes to humorous faces.

And Huddie snuck a bit of frosting.
Afterwards he had a sleepover with a few friends.
We played lots of fun games.

I'd say he had a blast. I look back at each year and analyze how he's grown, what he's accomplished, and think wow he's a preteen.
And after each birthday I look forward to all of those things for the next year.
I'm so lucky to be his mom.
Happy Birthday Kiddo!