If it isn't one thing, it's another

Well I can honestly say that that is the motto for my whole time off. I'll spare you most of the details of everything that has went wrong while off work....my leave not in place, medical insurance all screwed up, Makayla's dental insurance all screwed up, dishwasher breaking, etc. etc. Among other incredibly difficult things. It litterly has been one thing right after another. I have no idea how I've held it together.

I was supposed to go back to work this Monday. I figured I would take this week to get everything in place, all my laundry done for work, hang out with the kids, get my hair done and get Hanley's ears pierced.

Well instead one too many pieces of straw finally broke the camels back.

It started last Wednesday with a runny nose, rash and mild fever for Hudson. By Friday night his fever was 104 degrees and he'd hardly ate or drunk anything. He clearly was not feeling good. We called the pediatrician...she had us get him in the bath right away and if his fever wouldn't go down or it went higher with Tylenol/Motrin and the bath take him to the ER. If it continued, take him to urgent care. By Sunday when the medicine was wearing off his fever was still that high, he was not feeling good at all, no energy and hardly drinking or eating and a painful cough deep in his chest. So I took him to Urgent care. He got a little boost of energy while there and tried to get into everything and then completely wiped out. He fell asleep in my arms in the room. He woke up while she examined him and after she looked in his mouth he was saying, "Done. Done." in a pleading pitiful voice. I felt so bad. He had an infection in both ears and throat. She gave him medicine and sent us home.

Well in the mean time my sweet little girl developed the same cough deep in her chest. Then she went from eating every 2 hours to ever 6 or 7 and only nursing maybe 5 minutes. She was sleeping almost around the clock too. Her pediatrician said to get her into Urgent Care right away. Went to Urgent Care and because she was a preemie and less then 3 months old we had to go to the Children's ER (which is really cool btw).

Well she tested positive for RSV and couldn't keep her oxygen levels up and was admitted and they gave her supplemental oxygen.

Watching her get an IV and a catheter was one of the hardest things I've ever witnessed. I stayed with her and oh my gosh sleeping is next to impossible at a hospital and they start everything at 6 am when I was finally so tired I crashed but then was woke up like crazy. That night they tried to remove her from the oxygen with no luck. Tuesday she started to eat better but was SO done with being messed with.

If anyone but me messed with her she would freak out! They tried to take her off oxygen again that morning and no luck again. Doctor, after nurse, after CNA, after med student kept coming in to mess with her. I finally got to the point of requesting them to wait until she woke up and let me call them to check on her. They were constantly waking her up and it was getting harder and harder to calm her down. I was like, how can she get better if she can't rest. They were ok with that. About 7 that night they took her off the oxygen again and she did good. She went all night and we were released Wednesday morning.

She is feeling so much better and back to eating every 2 hours during the day and 3 at night. And Hudson is doing wonderful. VERY whiny but feeling much much better. You could see the sickness in both their eyes and now it's all gone.

She turned 8 weeks old yesterday and is growing still...she's at 7 lbs, 5 ounces. Funny, she's still smaller then Caleb was when he was born.

So with all that going on I requested one more week off from work. I need a week to recover from this week.

And now Hudson is also back to his normal ornery self....

So I just have to share....

Caleb and Makayla both got straight A's and B's! I am so proud of them!

Caleb's GPA is 3.83 and Makayla's is 3.28.

I love moments like this!