Here we go again....

Ok so I have yet to post this on here. And I know I've told just about everyone that reads this in person...but just in case there are some lurkers around there I'M PREGNANT! 12 weeks to be exact. Huge surprise.  I'm excited! Our new precious arrival will join the gang sometime around February 5th. Caleb wants a girl and Makayla wants a boy. We want a healthy little girl but will be totally happy with a baby boy. So...............I will start taking pictures soon!

Hudson's 1st Birthday 6/28/10

Hudson turned one!!! I cannot believe how fast time goes. He walks all over the place....even tries to run. He says, "ba-bye & uh oh" He says, "Mamma " but I don't know if he knows what it means. He loves loves loves his Bubby and Lala (Caleb & Makayla)! And he really loves dogs too! His eye lashes have only got darker and longer and he is handsome as ever. This past year has been amazing having Hudson in our lives. I'm so thankful for him!

Hudson's 1st haircut 6/27/10

He did great! He just sat there sucking on his binky looking around at the bright fun place. He didn't even mind when she got out the clippers.

He even got his first sucker for being such a good trooper. He loved it!

It didn't change his looks much but it did keep him looking extraordinarily cute!