Dear Caleb, 8 years, 1 month.

*****Sorry guys but internet has been down for quite a few days*****

What a handsome fella you are with your new haircut! Although you kind of think different and would much rather it be long. I’ve come to wonder if this is because you just don’t like going through the process of getting your haircut since there are clippers, that although have been proven wrong many times over, you think are going to cut you and all that hair falling is quite itchy. I wonder this because you wiggle and whine throughout the whole process and want to feel every single new size blade I put on to make sure it’s not sharp. It turned out looking pretty good and you were ok with it since I left you some bangs and hair on the top. However I’m just in shock that you trusted ME to cut your precious hair!

Welp we’ve made it through another month of our lives. I think you had a pretty good month. You started this month as an 8 year old and finished it probably another 6 inches taller.

Once your birthday went by it was the countdown to Christmas and you were super excited! Especially since you were going to have so many Christmas! We celebrated ours the Friday before Christmas. You had written a letter to Santa asking him to come early since you wouldn’t be at our house for Christmas. We trusted he would come, made some cookies, left a note and went to bed early. I woke you up that morning, we peaked at the cookies missing and the new presents that had appeared
under the tree while we slept and you grinned from ear to ear!

Unfortunately you had to go to school that morning and wait until you came home to open them! But once that time came we all dug in and got some pretty cool things. I have to say son, you are a great present opener. I can’t even begin to guess which one was your favorite present because you had the same enthusiasm and excitement opening each one. Oh how I love to see you smile.

Since you were on Christmas break and going with your dad to your Grandparent’s house for Christmas, you got to stay the whole week afterwards. And judging by what you and your Grandma tells me, you had a blast! You also took a very big step this month, or at least in my book it’s a big step, you flew home all by yourself! I was pretty nervous but you made it home safe and happy.

You were even more excited when you returned to more Christmas presents. I think this year was the never ending Christmas and you loved
every moment of it!

This was also a great month for you since you started Basketball. Just so you know, when you become a professional I expect to be well taken care of for taking such good care of you. K. Deal? Deal! I asked you how you liked it and you said it was medium. But then again you’ve only had two practices so I’ll ask you again in a couple weeks.

Alright green eyes, here’s to another month. I love you with all my heart and soul.




Annie said...

I can't believe you made him wait until after school to open presents! I bet he didn't learn anything all day! :)

Glad to see you guys had a good Christmas!

Annie said...
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Smith Family x 3 said...

I really like what you are doing writting caleb letters. He is one handsome boy.

Smith Family x 3 said...

I can't believe Caleb let you cut his hair, HAHA You did a great job.

Stephanie said...

What a sweet post. Good job on the hair cut. It looks good. I remember the first time I flew on a plane by myself. My dad showed up at the airport right before I got on and I cried my eyes out being the Daddy's girl that I am!